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Securus video visitation is loved by inmates and staff

Over the last 10 years, Securus Technologies has rolled out is video visitation technology, touching the lives of millions of inmates and making a difficult life circumstance a little more bearable. Video visitation has enabled inmates that would have, in times past, never been able to stay in contact with their family members and loved ones to now keep in touch with them, face-to-face, on an almost daily basis.


This has been a great addition to prisons throughout the United States. It has been shown that inmates who are able to stay in contact with their family members are less likely to recidivate and have better behavior while incarcerated. This increase is the safety and security of the institutions where those inmates are housed makes society as a whole safer, as a result of offenders being less likely to commit crimes upon being released.


But Securus’ highly sophisticated video visitation system, which includes a robust suite of security features, also is a great favorite among corrections officers and other prison staff. This is because it allows for unprecedented levels of communications safety within the prison. With Securus video visitation systems, it is impossible for prisoners to execute criminal activities or otherwise use the communication services for illicit ends.


Securus video visitation systems have the capability to automatically monitor all conversations taking place on the system. This is made possible by highly advanced transcription technology as well as artificial intelligence that is capable of parsing all conversations, in real time, searching for any anomalous patterns and alerting staff immediately upon the detection of potentially illegal activity.


Prisons that have installed Secures video visitation system have, by and large, see dramatic increases in safety and security within the institutions. Through technologies like these, Securus is increasing the safety and efficiency of U.S. prisons.


The recap of Mike Heiligenstein, CEO

Mike Heiligenstein is a well-known individual for his outstanding leadership in the areas that he has had the chance to offer his services, particularly on the leadership positions. Mike is known for making an exclusive achievement in his career regarding infrastructural development in Central Texas. At the moment, he serves as the CEO of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.


Mike became a representative of the people of Central Texas through giving service. He was elected by for over 20 years. This was facilitated by his struggles to enhance infrastructural expansion, water, as well as the sewerage schemes.


He also worked as a chair to the Clean Air Force of Texas as well as a regional MPO, among other community projects. He is capable of multitasking, and it is for this reason that he was able to serve on this positions in addition to being an elected representative at the same time. Mike is known for being an outstanding speaker to different groups concerning infrastructure, particularly transportation. He also has exemplary strategies for solving problems.


He has also worked as one of the board members at the WTS Heart of Texas Chapter, Advisory Council of the Texas A&M, and Texas Department of Transportation's Texas Technology Task Force. He was chosen by other national representatives as the President at International Bridge.


In line with his education, he attended the University of Texas and currently owns a master's degree in Government and Business Administration.




It is a government agency established in the year 2002. It is not only independent but also set to plan an up to date, regional transport network in the Central Texas. It began operating in the year 2003. This was the year when Mike was selected to lead the board.


Before being taken over by Mike, it didn't have any revenue, encountered stiff competition, and didn't have any roads being constructed. At the moment, it has a well-outlined strategy established meant to enhance control of assets worth over $4 billion. This is in addition to the revenue income which is expected to rise significantly in a few years' time.


The company's objective is to establish transportation remedies so as to minimize road congestions thus improving the living standards in the areas concerned. Also, it is under the oversight of seven board members.


He acknowledged the way technologies significantly influences the transport infrastructure. According to him, Austin area is yet to advance significantly regarding infrastructure.

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Bruce Bent II: Along the Financial Revolution

Bruce Bent II is the president of Double Rock Corporation, which is the leading financial technology company. The company provides innovative cash management solutions to banks, broker-dealer, retail markets, and qualified plans. He is a senior executive in affiliate companies and subsidiaries of Double Rock Company. The subsidiaries include Intrasweep LLC, Access Control Advantage Inc, Landing Rock Group LLC, LID Capital LLC and Island Intellectual Property LLC.

Mr. Bruce is a pioneer in the retirement services and cash management businesses. His entrepreneurial drive and vision is the catalyst for some of the relevant and most influential technologies and products in the financial services industry. Mr. Bent II has several patents credited to his name and has many achievements such as transforming the cash management environment into a multi-trillion dollar industry.

As stated on Wikipedia, he works with Access Control Advantage to avail an automated contribution plan solution that limits borrowing by an average of 25% from plan participants. Currently, Mr. Bent II shares the responsibility of defining the strategic direction of the companies. Mr. Bruce Bent II is part of Young Presidents Organization, which unites almost 10,000 prospective international business leaders and is a former finance chair of the Gotham Chapter. He is a member of the Entrepreneur Organization based in New York and serves on the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson and organization that protects, restores, and preserves the Hudson River.

Money market fund is an investment whose goal is to earn interest for the shareholders. It maintains a net asset value of one dollar per share. The portfolio comprises of short-term securities representing liquid, high-quality debt, and monetary instruments. Investors can buy shares of the money markets through a mutual fund, bank, or brokerage firm.

The purpose of the money market fund is to provide investors with a place where they can easily invest and access cash equivalent assets. This is a mutual fund with low risk with low-return investment. It is an attractive investment for investors because it has no loads. Therefore, no fees charged by mutual funds for exiting or entering the fund. Other money market funds provide tax advantage gains to investors by investing in municipal securities, which have tax-exemptions at state and federal level. The money market fund can hold short-term Treasury securities.

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Have Wine, Will Travel

You want to earn a couple hundred dollars a month for extras. You need to earn more to pay for expenses. You have hope of tossing your 40-hour-a-week aside. There is a company that will not only allow you to do any of those things, but encourages you to achieve whatever you’d like.

Traveling Vineyard, back in business and going strong since 2010, may be exactly what you’re looking for. Like other “hostess parties”, a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide presents a product in someone’s home. Unlike other direct marketing companies, Traveling Vineyard’s guides do not have to hard sell their product. They simply show up, help set up and then present a variety of award-winning wines for free wine tastings by the guests. Can you imagine anyone not enjoying a wine tasting? Socialize, and make 35% commission off of all your orders, simply sharing your knowledge and pouring delicious wine.

Though a direct marketing business, with elements of Multi-Level Marketing, Traveling Vineyard, again, differs from others of this type in the following ways. There is a relatively low start-up cost. You do not need to buy, and store, inventory. There are no minimum sales quotas to be met monthly. If you need to reduce your tastings for any reason, you are not penalized. There are only two costs to the wine guide – replenishing the Tasting Set after two tastings and, after 90 days, a monthly fee to maintain your personal website. However, your first two tastings will generate enough orders to provide credit to offset cost of Tasting Set. Everything you need to learn is provided. The company culture is positive, friendly, and supportive.

There are many benefits to becoming a Wine Guide. Primarily, is the opportunity to work for yourself: Set your own work schedule. Work around the priorities in your life. Earn as much, or as little, as you wish. Secondly, have fun while earning. Make new friends. Last, but not least, are three paydays a month, deposited directly into your bank.

Traveling Vineyard can be found online on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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The Hustle That Made Doe Deere’s Lime Crime a Phenomenon

When Doe Deere started out an online hustle in 2004, she had no idea it would turn out to be a multi-billion cosmetic company and brand name. Lime Crime's founder and CEO Doe Deere didn't underestimate her love affair with bright colors. Her love for flashing clothes was challenged by the lack of splashy colored makeup, something that got her brain ticking. Lime Crime was the result. Brilliantly bright lipstick made in line with animal-friendly policies was just the right shade of color. Doe Deere started out in 2008 and had successfully put her name in the cosmetics world. Lime Crime manufactures and distributes lipstick, eye shadows, and nail polish.

Use of e-commerce and selling her product online is what set her apart from heavyweight giants. Her background with eBay sales gave her the confidence in knowing that her products will perform well and go beyond the continent. The core business principle that has her going is the clarity of her vision on how women want their makeup. She develops the designs alongside her creative designers and personally tests them out to get a feel and live out the lipstick before deciding if it passes her test of quality.

Doe Deere belabors the need for an exceptional support and customer care team. Happy clients are repeat customers, and that's what business is all about. Doe asserts that having good working relationships based on mutual respect and sharing a common goal is a key driver of her success. As such, she has developed very close working relations with her staff.

A brand's name is part of any business success. Doe says she settled on the name because it was unclaimed while registering her eBay account and that lime is also a favorite color and seemed to match the word crime. Deere uses a hands-on approach. She regularly supervises her designs sometimes she is there showing the way. Doe Deere works alongside her husband of 16 years.

Born in Russia, her love for makeup started out in a girl's slumber party at the age of nine. She admits that she wasn't a makeup expert. However, she also defines herself as a creative spirit that is always experimental. She migrated to New York City when she was 17. She is married to her long time husband who is also the president of Lime Crime, both live in Los Angeles.

Follow Doe Deere on Twitter.


US Money Reserve Makes Some Changes to its Website

Businesses are doing a lot to improve their services and to keep their customers happy. This is due to changing trends and increased competition. In response to this, US Money Reserve has not being left behind and is implementing some changes to improve their services. They have improved their website to make more information available. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.manta.com/c/mml8pv9/u-s-money-reserve-in

According to a recent article, the new website was designed to ensure that the company remains the number one dealer in precious metals such as gold and silver. The site was also created to ensure that there is improved customer service. What’s more, impressive new photography about their products has been added to the new site.

According to the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve, the new site has an objective of educating and enlightening people about the benefits they would enjoy from owning government issued coins and at the same time ensure they have experience when dealing with any form of coins.

The complete overhaul of the design was overseen by the vice chairman of brand and creative Ryan Buchanan. The new design was needed because of growing online shops that were proving to be competitive for US Money Reserve when it comes to buying and selling of silver bullion and gold.

To access these new applications, a prospective customer will have to sign up with the information kit that is free and also sign up for the knowledge center that is also free. Within the website is a full headline gold newsroom that is driven towards offering the latest news about precious metals. Another feature within the website that allows customers to have a one on one consultation with the US Money officials is the Client-Connect Advantage.

Other services that can be accredited with the service include secure offline transactions, purchasing assistance as well as offline releases. One policy that has been on the forefront of making US Money Reserve one of the best company in the gold market is the Buyback Guarantee that allows customers to return the coins within 30 days in case of an eventuality. However, they only accept the coin at the current market value.

The US Money Reserve has been in existence since the year 2001 and has conducted thousands of transactions worth billions of money. The company has clients from all over the world and offers some good shipping services. US Money Reserves has maintained its offices in Austin, Texas.

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Julie Zuckerberg, The Innovative Recruitment Lead


As an employee of the esteemed Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg is charged with identifying exciting prospects that may beef up the company's staff. Her role as talent acquisition lead has many demands, all who are met by the exemplary Julie. She possesses a gift of identifying talent, which is further enhanced by her ability to hone and nurture the talent until it complies with the prerequisites of her firm.

In her illustrious career, Julie has served a myriad of prominent institutions, a portfolio attributed to her unique and exceptional skillset. Her area of specialty is staff augmentation, but she complements it with conflict resolution, talent nurturing, change management, and succession management.


Julie Zuckerberg has an excellent academic background, holding an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the City University of New York, Brooklyn campus. Additionally, she is an alumnus of the famed New York Law School from where she attained a Juris Doctor.


After graduating, she joined the working class, kicking off her career at Hudson. Here, she oversaw the placement docket, where her job entailed the hiring of an array of legal practitioners, ranging from paralegals to associates. Also, she was the liaison between the firm and its clientele, making sure that operations ran smoothly. Furthermore, she was the go-to individual in case employees ran into any problems, where she used her outstanding counseling skills to find amicable solutions.


The next stop in Julie's affluent career was the Citi Group, where she assumed the post of an executive recruiter. She carried on her remarkable work ethics to her new employers. At the Citi group, Julie supervised the recruitment of the establishment's top brass. During her stint at Citi, Julie embraced cutting-edge hiring techniques, including online searches, direct sourcing, and worker referrals. On top of that, she equipped the institution's executives with adept skills on how to create job descriptions as well as post specifications. Her impressive output resulted in her promotion, moving from Citi Global to the Citi bank.


Later on, Zuckerberg joined the New York Life Insurance firm. Unlike in other companies, Julie's stint at the insurance company lasted a measly four months. However, within such a short period, she left an indelible mark, primarily by building stable relationships with the enterprise's client base.


The icing on Julie's career was the appointment to Deutsche Bank, a job she still has up to date. She first joined the firm as VP and recruitment lead, but her incredible returns have seen her rise through the ranks to become executive talent acquisition lead. At Deutsche Bank, Julie’s main responsibility is superintending the hiring of staff. Furthermore, she uses her influence to persuade corporate managers and wealthy individuals in the recruitment and talent acquisition process as well as formulate development strategies for her business.


All in all, Julie's dedication and unmatched achievements have earned the much sought-after reputation in the recruitment sector. Over the years, she has accrued a vast amount of relevant experience, ranging from interviewing skills to talent management, a factor that has significantly contributed to her unprecedented success.

Besides working, Julie is an ardent human rights activist as well as a vociferous animal welfare champion.


Doe Deere: How Lime Crime Cosmetics Came To be

Doe Deere is one that achieved success on her own terms. She started out small and with the goal in mind, she set out to come up with products ranging from eye shadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes so vibrant in color that it might as well be a crime. Doe Deere didn't focus on what concealed, or what looks more natural, instead she focused on how she felt in that moment. In 2008, her dream became a reality as she launched her product line. Lime Crime Cosmetics is internationally known, since Doe Deere's fan base is global.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is animal friendly and the name of the company came from Doe Deere's favorite color. She is an avid supporter of women that own their own businesses and often speaks to the public to follow their passion. She loves talking to female entrepreneurs and counsels them should they have questions on how to get their own businesses started. Her social network is always open to aspiring business owners. Deere also donates regularly Bide-A-Wee, a no kill shelter located in New York. She lived in New York for years but is originally from Russia.

Doe Deere is asked how she came up with her business concept. It all started back in 2004 when she registered a new eBay account called "limecrime". This was geared towards her DIY fashion line. She was the model for all her items and she didn't want to stop at just clothing. She wanted her makeup to be as bold as her attire. Vividly, bright colors were hard to come by then, so that is what inspired her.

What keeps her different from all the other brands, is that she knows exactly what she wants and knows exactly what her brand stands for. Doe Deere sees it as the freedom of expression. She also contributes her success to knowing what consumers want. And each product she creates, she tests it on herself first. She follows her instincts and if it feels right great, if not, then she continues until it feels right. Her only regret with Lime Crime Cosmetics is that she didn't start the company up sooner.

Doe Deere believes in treating her customer base and employees with respect and love. She wants to inspire and uplift, create a pleasant working environment, and treat customers in the same fashion. Positive reinforcement goes a long way and often gets you better results than being negative.



George Street Photo and Video Gives You the Best NYC Wedding Experience

New York City is filled with a variety of beautiful and historical places that make for a great backdrop for your wedding. To capture the memory of that special day, have George Street Photo and Video NYC take care of all your image needs. Their photographers will design a photo plan to give you wonderful pictures of your wedding. Their videographers will also craft a plan to make sure they capture every moment of a wedding, from the serious to the humorous. George Street does not only do photos and videos for weddings. Their staff can also arrange engagement photo sessions


The Lung Institute Helps Patients With Chronic Lung Diseases

What Is The Lung Institute?

The Lung Institute is a medical clinic that focuses on treating pulmonary or lung diseases through the use of stem cell treatment. Examples of of lung diseases that The Lung Institute claims to be able to treat with its stem cell treatment include chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial lung disease. Read more on https://lunginstitute.com/lung-diseases/copd/.

A Look At The Lung Institute's Stem Cell Treatment For Lung Disease

According to Cedars-Sinai, stem cell treatment involves using stem cells found in the body to regenerate old and sick cells. What makes stem cells unique is that they are known to have a feature called plasticity. This allows them to turn into any cell in the body. Such a feature means that surgeons can harvest stem cells from one organ and use it to regenerate and create new cells in another damaged organ.

The Lung Institute uses the following procedures for harvesting of stem cells. One of the harvesting methods involves taking blood from a patient. The blood is then filtered for stem cells. The other method to harvest stem cells includes taking a sample of bone marrow instead of blood and then filtering the marrow for stem cells.

After stem cells are harvested, they are ready to be inserted into a person's bloodstream. The good thing about stem cells for lung disease treatment is that they are naturally blocked in the body by the pulmonary trap. The pulmonary trap keeps stem cells in the lungs and prevents them from going elsewhere. In the case of lung diseases this is the desired and ideal outcome. After just a few beats of the heart, the stem cells will be pumped throughout the lungs, where they can heal and restore old and damaged lung tissue.

Before starting any lung disease stem cell treatment, you must be screened and approved as a candidate for this kind of treatment. The Lung Institute offers free consultations by phone and email that can determine whether your case is eligible to be treated by stem cell treatment at the institute. For more information or to schedule consultations go to LungInstitute.com.