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The Lung Institute Helps Patients With Chronic Lung Diseases

What Is The Lung Institute?

The Lung Institute is a medical clinic that focuses on treating pulmonary or lung diseases through the use of stem cell treatment. Examples of of lung diseases that The Lung Institute claims to be able to treat with its stem cell treatment include chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial lung disease. Read more on https://lunginstitute.com/lung-diseases/copd/.

A Look At The Lung Institute's Stem Cell Treatment For Lung Disease

According to Cedars-Sinai, stem cell treatment involves using stem cells found in the body to regenerate old and sick cells. What makes stem cells unique is that they are known to have a feature called plasticity. This allows them to turn into any cell in the body. Such a feature means that surgeons can harvest stem cells from one organ and use it to regenerate and create new cells in another damaged organ.

The Lung Institute uses the following procedures for harvesting of stem cells. One of the harvesting methods involves taking blood from a patient. The blood is then filtered for stem cells. The other method to harvest stem cells includes taking a sample of bone marrow instead of blood and then filtering the marrow for stem cells.

After stem cells are harvested, they are ready to be inserted into a person's bloodstream. The good thing about stem cells for lung disease treatment is that they are naturally blocked in the body by the pulmonary trap. The pulmonary trap keeps stem cells in the lungs and prevents them from going elsewhere. In the case of lung diseases this is the desired and ideal outcome. After just a few beats of the heart, the stem cells will be pumped throughout the lungs, where they can heal and restore old and damaged lung tissue.

Before starting any lung disease stem cell treatment, you must be screened and approved as a candidate for this kind of treatment. The Lung Institute offers free consultations by phone and email that can determine whether your case is eligible to be treated by stem cell treatment at the institute. For more information or to schedule consultations go to LungInstitute.com.


Running an Oil Company

Few people have the capacity to run a large corporation with the influence of RBS Group. This is one of the largest oil companies in Brazil, and there are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are starting to take place in this industry and this country. Not only that, but many people are ready to see what the company can do in the coming years. Duda Melzer has talked about all of the plans that he has for growth in the coming years. If you want to follow someone who is making a positive difference in the world, Duda Melzer is the person to go to. You can visit crunchbase for more details.

Duda Melzer

From the time that he started in business, Duda Melzer has always been about helping his company get to the next level. He started in the oil industry many years ago, and he started to see what kind of positive impact that he could make on the lives of other people in this area. If you are ready to start impacting your company in a positive way, you need to look at the example that is set by Duda Melzer. He has started to invest in technology and employee growth. These investments are going to pay off in a number of ways, especially as it relates to the future of his company. Visit eduardosirotskymelzer.com for more info.


One of the things that Duda Melzer has had to work on at RBS is the leverage that the company works with. In the oil industry, it is important to look for ways to reduce your overall leverage relative to the sales that are coming in. Too much leverage can eat up cash flow over time and cause a lot of issues for the future. This is something that Duda Melzer is working through and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Click here: http://www.acaert.com.br/lide-sc-recebe-eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-na-proxima-edicao-de-seu-tradicional-almoco-debate#.WNN-2FWGPIV


Alexandre Gama Leads the Advertising & Communications Industry

Alexandre Gama is the CEO, CCO, and founder of the Brazilian based advertising agency Neogama. He has enjoyed tremendous success and accomplishments since he founded the company in 1999. His illustrious career in advertising and communications spans across three decades. He got his degree in advertising and communications from Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation (FAAP).

He continued to work as a copywriter and creative for other top advertising agencies until 1999 when he made the decision to become a full time entrepreneur. During his time as a copywriter and creative executive for ad agencies he received several awards for his work, and he was even recognized as the most awarded Brazilian copywriter of his time. Throughout Brazil and globally, Alexandre Gama has become a leading advertising entrepreneur.

Click here to learn more about Alexandre Gama

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How Whitney Wolfe Changed Online Dating

Blazing Her Own Path
Whitney Wolfe has certainly made a name for herself. At a fairly young age, she's only 26, she has managed to become a CEO and create one of the world's most successful dating apps. In an world this would be an impressive achievement, but there' so much more behind the meaning of everything.

She created Bumble, her trademark dating app, because she was tired of the sexual harassment endemic in online dating. This was her chance to make a difference.

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The Success Of Bumble
Bumble has certainly been a hit with daters. It has millions of users and hundreds of millions of matches. That level of success just isn't something you can brush off. Even more amazing is the way the app has managed to create all this success over the course of its 2 year life. This success has also been done while maintaining the original goal of Bumble. Sexual harassment is incredibly rare on Bumble and is reported by less than 1% of all members. Given the problems of sexual harassment in online dating, it certainly gives reason to be hopeful for the future.

Her Plans For The Future
Whitney Wolfe doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. Ever since she decided to leave Hatch Labs and set out on her own her life has seen nothing but success. Bumble isn't as large as Tinder or the other major dating apps yet, but it certainly has the potential to reach those heights or even exceed them. The internet has created a number of problems and we are still trying to sort those out. However, if the success of Bumble says anything it reveals that people want to see things improve for the better and an end to the issues we see today.

Find more details about Jaosn Hope at https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2015/12/02/whitney-wolfe-founder-of-dating-app-bumble-has-had-quite-the-year-she-just-cant-discuss-parts-of-it/?utm_term=.e3a6795b7f43


How Doe Deere Became The Cosmetics Trendsetter Of A Generation

For almost ten years, Doe Deere has been managing to launch countless trends with her cosmetics line Lime Crime. Today, makeup enthusiasts can't get enough of Deere's bold, highly pigmented and attention-grabbing makeup products like her pastel neon Unicorn Lipsticks and the ultra metallic Superfoils eyeshadow duos.


However, Deere wasn't always a makeup guru. In fact, as a teenager, she set out to be a rock star. Born in Russia, Deere moved to New York City to launch a music career when she was only 17 years old. Her ambition and her fearlessness that have given her the encouragement to become an entrepreneur have been with her for all of her life.


It wasn't long before teenage Deere started getting a series of gigs at various New York City clubs and bars. While on stage, Deere was as known for her musical talent as she was known for her eccentric and bold style aesthetic. She made her own bright and attention-grabbing clothes and painted her face in neon colors and glitter.


Eventually, she developed some serious sewing skills and decided to give online retail a shot. She launched a DIY fashion label called Lime Crime on eBay in 2004. She modeled the clothes herself. The only problem was that she struggled to find makeup to match her bold and whimsical personality.


Lime Crime was reincarnated as a makeup brand out of necessity. Doe Deere realized that the only way to have access to the super pigmented and bright makeup that she desired was to make it herself. Instead of copying the trends of the time, Deere created makeup formulas that were for women who weren't afraid of standing out in a crowd.


Today, Lime Crime has launched countless makeup trends around the world. In 2008, however, Deere's neon lipsticks and eyeshadows weren't exactly what customers were looking for. 2008 was the year of neutral tones and minimal looks. But, Deere stuck to her gut and followed her creative vision. Within a couple of years, Lime Crime sales were through the roof.


Lime Crime's success comes down to Deere's fearless and bold approach to self-expression. By creating makeup in whimsical shades and finishes, she gives millennials permission to experiment with different colors and glittery accents. Today, Deere continues to stick to her gut when she creates a new product. Now that Lime Crime's Instagram page boasts millions of followers, it's safe to say that Deere's dedication to her own creative vision has paid off immensely.



Ares Security Acquisition

Madison Street Capital is one of the largest investment firms in the United States today. The company has served customers well over the years, and they are excited about all of the changes that are coming. Not only that, but the company is looking for ways to grow. Instead of just growing organically like they have been doing, the company recently announced an ownership in Ares Security. This is a growing segment of business, and the leaders of Madison Street Capital think that there is a great opportunity for growth in this area. Not only that, but they truly care about customers and want to make sure that there ways they can serve them in the future.


Madison Street Capital


When the company was started, no one ever thought that they would have the success that they do today. With all of the changes over the years, many people are excited about changes that are coming with new technology. Now Madison Street Capital will be able to serve more people from all over the country. In years past, the company was limited on the number of people it could serve based on a variety of factors. The biggest one was the staff level of the business. The financial planners could only see a certain amount of people in a given time period. This is something that many people think could change with new technology.


Future Changes


In the coming years, Madison Street Capital is hoping the ownership of Ares Security will help grow sales and profits. Even if it is not successful, the company is doing really well with customers right now. A lot of people in the industry look up to the success that the company has with customers. If you want to learn how to impact the lives of others, Madison Street Capital is the company to work with. A lot of people have been able to plan and invest for the future with the help of workers at Madison Street Capital. In the coming years, the company wants to help as many people as possible with all of the changes that are going on in the industry.


For more details, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.


Bernardo Chua Introduces the Preferred Customer Rewards Program

There could be no better news for independent distributors and retail customers at Organo Gold, than the announcement made in December 2015. Bernardo Chua, the Organo Gold's CEO, announced the company’s new program, known as the preferred customer rewards program.

According to Bernardo, the program was a model that would lead to the expansion of business and would also provide diversification. Membres from the United States, Canada, and Mexico, would enjoy four key benefits: a support system, savings, quality customer service, and specials. Learn more about Bernardo Chua: http://www.slideshare.net/BernardoChua

Preferred Customer Rewards program have to join the monthly auto-ship program. Joining this program is a requirement for one to save on the orders placed during that month and to get the 25 percent discount. The savings will realize a rise in the net income of retail customers and an increase in sales for the independent distributors.

Thanks to the program, retail customers will be given priority when it comes to promotions and specials of Organo Gold products.

About Bernardo Chua

Known as Bernie, Bernardo Chua started the Organo Gold Company in the house. Having grown up in the Philippines and with a rich Chinese background, Chua was aware of the benefits of the Ganoderma at an early age.

Despite the vast knowledge of the Ganoderma, nobody was able to market the mushroom successfully before Chua. His major success trick has been direct sales. The method has made it easier for the growth of the company in the Philippines and beyond.

Having established Oragno Gold fully, Chua now focuses more on refining his business as much as he can. He works closely with some of the most renowned organic Ganoderma producers around the globe. By so doing, he can produce quality products at an affordable price.

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua also funds researches on the Ganoderma, which has given Organo Gold an upper hand, due to the new uses or breakthroughs that have been realized. The name of Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold are recognized in over 40 countries in the world.

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Philanthropic Activities and Work History of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos and his wife are criticized by some people for political donations. However, the couple gives a lot of money for charitable causes which have reached to one-hundred-and-forty million dollars. Dick DeVos donates most of the money through his family foundation named the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Just in 2015, they donated almost twelve million dollars in charitable contributions. In 2015, the entire DeVos family gave out more than hundred million dollars in charity donations. The family now enjoys the twenty-fourth spot on Forbes list of "America's Top Givers."



Education is the priority of Dick's philanthropic activities. A quarter of his donations were given to different educational causes which were an amount of three-million dollars. A huge amount of money was given to groups that support reforms in the educational system. Two years ago, Dick donated a lot of schools to schools in Michigan. Grand Rapids-based Compass College of Cinematic Arts received fifty thousand dollars. Big Rapids-based Ferris State University received hundred thousand dollars. Twenty-five thousand dollars were given to New Urban Learning which is a Charter School Company in Detroit. Northwood University in Midland received two-hundred thousand dollars. Wyoming-based Potter's House was given more than three-hundred thousand dollars. Three-hundred-and-fifteen thousand dollars was given to West Michigan Aviation Academy. Rehoboth Christian School in New Mexico received fifty-thousand dollars.



He donated almost two-and-a-half million dollars for this purpose in 2015. He previously donated twenty thousand million dollars for DeVos Institute of Arts Management which is a part of the University of Maryland. The other areas that Dick DeVos donates to are: civic & community, leadership and development, public policy, churches, and health & human services.



Dick DeVos was born in 1955, and he is the eldest son of Amway Corporation co-founder Richard DeVos. The company is a famous network of sales that distributes products for personal care, household, and health through dealers. In 1974, Dick started working in Amway. He was involved in the operational departments of the company and held various positions. He became the Vice President in 1984 and was responsible for company's operations in eighteen countries. In 1989, Dick decided to launch another company The Windquest Group which manufactured and marketed closet and storage organizers. In 1991, his family bought Orlando Magic Basketball franchise, and Dick was assigned to manage it. He rejoined Amway Corporation in 1993 and became its President. He started restructuring Amway Corporation in 2000. He formed an umbrella firm named Alticor Corporation which consisted of Access Business Group, Quixtar Corporation, and Amway Corporation. He left Alticor in 2002 and now focuses on the Windquest Group.





What Entrepreneurs Should Do Before Moving Forward

People that are aspiring to be entrepreneurs should think about their online reputation first and foremost. This is the one thing that determines how well their business does. If they are not on top of their online reputation, then they are vulnerable to attacks that could put a huge dent in their business. However, a lot of people that are considering online reputation management do not know how to move forward with it. Fortunately, it is easy to look up some advice on online reputation management. After all, if people take the time to learn everything about what they can do about online reputation management, then they will have an easier time taking care of their reputation.

According to Reputation.com reviews, one of the most important things to do with one's own online reputation is keep track of every mention of the company or the individual. Also, it is important to determine whether this mention is worth responding to or not. Keeping on top of every mention is actually impossible for some people because they are well known in many sites throughout the web.

When one is able to stay on top of every mention of the brand, then they are able to make sure that their reputation is good enough to continue bringing in the customers and sales. At the same time, they could gain a lot of new customers. A lot of people look online for new companies that they could shop at. One thing that they look for is a company that could meet their needs. They are also looking at other aspects of the company beyond the types of products and services they sell.


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The Social Security Conversation Led by David Giertz

Social security advice is a necessity for Americans and people can get help from financial advisors who understand the sensitive issue of Social Security to a comprehensive retirement plan at http://www.whitepages.com/name/David-L-Giertz/Columbus-OH/7x2w2br. Customers require training prior and then afterward retirement to settle on choices at these key ages. With more than 60 million people born after WW2 nearing retirement by 2030, there's the need for comprehensive education and planning particularly with regards to Social Security benefits.

Monetary counselors can act the basic part in helping America's people stay away from an approaching retirement emergency on Facebook. Also, with four in five Americans saying if their counselor doesn't help them amplify their Social Security benefits they will change to a consultant who does – getting up to speed on a customer's filing alternatives is useful for the guide's business too.

To help improve this muddled issue and support these dialogs, Nationwide Financial gives a conclusion to-end Social Security program and retirement solutions on Nationwidethat prepare counselors to be the specialists their customers need to guarantee they have enough cash for retirement.  The patented software that won award looks at all the decision procedures accessible to wedded couples, single individuals, separated individuals, government workers, widows and even the individuals who have effectively chosen the product.

He has also been a Director of DGC One AB since 1991. Besides, David Giertz filled the Director position of David Giertz Holding AB. David L Giertz is counselor in financial sector with Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. David Giertz works out of Columbus, OH and additionally he is in charge of the distribution of private-sector retirement plans and wholesale strategy, mutual funds though banks & specialty markets, annuities, independent dealers & brokers, warehouses and regional firms.