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Of Civil, Human and Migrant Lines; the Blurry line

Crossing the threshold of a country sometimes strips one of all dignity. There being no clear laws on migrants and immigrants, one may cease to enjoy their fundamental civil and human rights. It begs the question, does being an undocumented migrant make anyone any less?

The answer is a resounding ‘no’ since every human being is entitled to human rights. Lack of knowledge on civil, human and migrant rights, can lead to loss of lives, exploitation, and abuse by employers and others. This is one of the reasons civil, migration and human rights organizations have been formed, to safe guard these rights.

American Immigrant Lawyer Association (IMLA)

A powerhouse of knowledge and legal representation, the American Immigrant Lawyer Association (IMLA), a voluntary outfit has over 13,000 law professors and attorneys. This group’s cornerstone is imparting knowledge on immigrant legislation and representing the minority and most vulnerable communities including asylum seekers, students, foreign entertainers, and athletes.

Founded in 1946, this force put up its headquarters in Washington D.C in 1982 leading to widespread impact across the country. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Time

This non-partisan and non-profit organization represents individuals in need of permanent United States residency. It also supports the myriad of migrants who are required by the local and international businesses to thrive.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)

Once a force to reckon with in the local agenda, this coalition has since grown, and its effects are felt nationwide. This coalition is not an individual effort but rather works with other groups, institutions, and individuals to realize justice.

Founded after a 1986 Act; the Immigrant Reform and Control Act, this body has since strived to influence policy, develop a public opinion and agitate for civil, human and immigrant rights.

CHIRLA can offer protection to the undocumented workers who would otherwise be abused and exploited by employers who cash in on the fears that characterize such workers. CHIRLA formed the Coalition of Garment Workers Advocates (CGWA) for equality in the enjoyment of the labor laws. Better working conditions are further enhanced by the Garment Worker Centre (GWC) created in 2001 to unite workers and ensure humane working conditions.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The dynamic duo of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin made a statement and impact with the $3.75 million awarded by the courts as a settlement in a case regarded as upholding implementation of their First Amendment rights.

This handsome sum granted to them by an Arizona court has been donated to offer much-needed support to human rights groups agitating for migrant rights across the state of Arizona.

In a show of the sheer power of the fourth estate, Lacey and Larkin further promotion in the freedom of speech through empowerment of the immigrants through knowledge, a feat even the Sherriff who sparked the whole legal process does not begrudge them but rather shares an agreement with them.

It is a blurred line between civil, human and migrant lines since where there is a migrant, so much of civil and human rights can be ignored, denying the migrant their right as a human being.

These groups working in this area offer technical expertise, knowledge and capacity building to ensure this minority is cared for as part of humanity as evidenced by the Lacey and Larkin fund that provides the much needed monetary support.

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