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Nick Vertucci lesson via a new book

Nick Vertucci started his business endeavours at the age of 18 when he opened a computer accessories business. He has started this business after going through a challenging childhood after the death of his father. Nick Vertucci wanted to find a way of helping his family as he was the first born and the breadwinner of the family. The business picked up very well but collapsed during the dot.com crash that affected the technology sector. In the crash, he lost everything that he had. He was forced to build his life again. Even as he prepared to start his life afresh, he did not know where to start. He has no money and no idea where to start. He was, however, tipped by a friend about some real estate class that he could attend and see if it could serve his interest.

Nick Vertucci attended the class and from the world go, he fell in love with the ideas which he heard. He took the initiative to learn more. This marked the beginning of a journey that would end with him as a millionaire. He did not, however, get it easy. He had to learn everything from scratch which itself is not an easy thing to do. Nick Vertucci made some mistakes, but with each mistake, he made sure that he learned something and made the right decision in the next level. Nick Vertucci became mentally tough; failure was no longer an option. He was determined to make it, and finally, he managed because of the hard work passion and the drive to succeed.

To help others learn from him, he has shared some insight on how to succeed through a book he has released entitled "Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed." This book is for those who want to succeed in life by following the teachings of a person who has been from the bottom to the top.

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