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How Whitney Wolfe Changed Online Dating

Blazing Her Own Path
Whitney Wolfe has certainly made a name for herself. At a fairly young age, she's only 26, she has managed to become a CEO and create one of the world's most successful dating apps. In an world this would be an impressive achievement, but there' so much more behind the meaning of everything.

She created Bumble, her trademark dating app, because she was tired of the sexual harassment endemic in online dating. This was her chance to make a difference.

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The Success Of Bumble
Bumble has certainly been a hit with daters. It has millions of users and hundreds of millions of matches. That level of success just isn't something you can brush off. Even more amazing is the way the app has managed to create all this success over the course of its 2 year life. This success has also been done while maintaining the original goal of Bumble. Sexual harassment is incredibly rare on Bumble and is reported by less than 1% of all members. Given the problems of sexual harassment in online dating, it certainly gives reason to be hopeful for the future.

Her Plans For The Future
Bumble isn't as large as Tinder or the other major dating apps yet, but it certainly has the potential to reach those heights or even exceed them. The internet has created a number of problems and we are still trying to sort those out. However, if the success of Bumble says anything it reveals that people want to see things improve for the better and an end to the issues we see today.

Find more details about Jaosn Hope at https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2015/12/02/whitney-wolfe-founder-of-dating-app-bumble-has-had-quite-the-year-she-just-cant-discuss-parts-of-it/?utm_term=.e3a6795b7f43

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