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Have Wine, Will Travel

You want to earn a couple hundred dollars a month for extras. You need to earn more to pay for expenses. You have hope of tossing your 40-hour-a-week aside. There is a company that will not only allow you to do any of those things, but encourages you to achieve whatever you’d like.

Traveling Vineyard, back in business and going strong since 2010, may be exactly what you’re looking for. Like other “hostess parties”, a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide presents a product in someone’s home. Unlike other direct marketing companies, Traveling Vineyard’s guides do not have to hard sell their product. They simply show up, help set up and then present a variety of award-winning wines for free wine tastings by the guests. Can you imagine anyone not enjoying a wine tasting? Socialize, and make 35% commission off of all your orders, simply sharing your knowledge and pouring delicious wine.

Though a direct marketing business, with elements of Multi-Level Marketing, Traveling Vineyard, again, differs from others of this type in the following ways. There is a relatively low start-up cost. You do not need to buy, and store, inventory. There are no minimum sales quotas to be met monthly. If you need to reduce your tastings for any reason, you are not penalized. There are only two costs to the wine guide – replenishing the Tasting Set after two tastings and, after 90 days, a monthly fee to maintain your personal website. However, your first two tastings will generate enough orders to provide credit to offset cost of Tasting Set. Everything you need to learn is provided. The company culture is positive, friendly, and supportive.

There are many benefits to becoming a Wine Guide. Primarily, is the opportunity to work for yourself: Set your own work schedule. Work around the priorities in your life. Earn as much, or as little, as you wish. Secondly, have fun while earning. Make new friends. Last, but not least, are three paydays a month, deposited directly into your bank.

Traveling Vineyard can be found online on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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