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Fyre Festival 101

Get ready for the concert of the year. Yea, I'm talking about Fyre Festival! A two-week festival comprised of concerts, art, and unlimited adventuring on a private island in the Bahamas called Fyre Cay.

With a $1500 price tag all attendees are VIP guests as well as famous musical guests. The Fyre Festival is held on two weekends, April 28-30 and MAy 5-7. Thanks to Fyre Festival being the party of the year you will be treated to concerts, scavenger hunts, and scrumptious meals throughout the event.

Insane Music Lineup

Unfortunately, the music guests haven't yet been announced but every year they fail to amaze. One of the major points of the festival is bringing music talent together and sharing it with VIP fans, giving more of a fresh one on one experience. So be prepared to be blown away, and you might just meet everyone on your playlist.

Treasure Hunts Galore

Combining cash, jewlery, and other gifts the treasure hunts are comprised of over one million dollars. These treasure hunts happen each weekend, so whatever you can;t find be sure to make it to the next one!

Your Private Vacation

Fyre Festival is so much more than just a festival. You aren't joining a bunch of tourists on a strip of convenience stores. You are witnessing history, meeting people you will never see again. You can visit vintage art, talk to cultured leaders, hang out on the beach, or literally eat awesome food all weekend. Learn more about Fyre Festival: http://www.mtv.com.au/bella-hadid/news/fyre-festival-is-the-reason-all-these-models-are-taunting-us-with-bikinis-in-the-bahamas

Besides the fun and joy of music, art, and excitement you get to take in the island for a whole weekend.

Two Levels of Access

Being a double VIP has its perks. The average ticket gets you around the island, events, flights to and from Miami but if you want a closer step towards the excitement, get a VIP ticket. This means backstage access and seeing the world through a musician's eyes.

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