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The recap of Mike Heiligenstein, CEO

Mike Heiligenstein is a well-known individual for his outstanding leadership in the areas that he has had the chance to offer his services, particularly on the leadership positions. Mike is known for making an exclusive achievement in his career regarding infrastructural development in Central Texas. At the moment, he serves as the CEO of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.


Mike became a representative of the people of Central Texas through giving service. He was elected by for over 20 years. This was facilitated by his struggles to enhance infrastructural expansion, water, as well as the sewerage schemes.


He also worked as a chair to the Clean Air Force of Texas as well as a regional MPO, among other community projects. He is capable of multitasking, and it is for this reason that he was able to serve on this positions in addition to being an elected representative at the same time. Mike is known for being an outstanding speaker to different groups concerning infrastructure, particularly transportation. He also has exemplary strategies for solving problems.


He has also worked as one of the board members at the WTS Heart of Texas Chapter, Advisory Council of the Texas A&M, and Texas Department of Transportation's Texas Technology Task Force. He was chosen by other national representatives as the President at International Bridge.


In line with his education, he attended the University of Texas and currently owns a master's degree in Government and Business Administration.




It is a government agency established in the year 2002. It is not only independent but also set to plan an up to date, regional transport network in the Central Texas. It began operating in the year 2003. This was the year when Mike was selected to lead the board.


Before being taken over by Mike, it didn't have any revenue, encountered stiff competition, and didn't have any roads being constructed. At the moment, it has a well-outlined strategy established meant to enhance control of assets worth over $4 billion. This is in addition to the revenue income which is expected to rise significantly in a few years' time.


The company's objective is to establish transportation remedies so as to minimize road congestions thus improving the living standards in the areas concerned. Also, it is under the oversight of seven board members.


He acknowledged the way technologies significantly influences the transport infrastructure. According to him, Austin area is yet to advance significantly regarding infrastructure.

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