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OSI Food Solutions and Their Recent Period of Growth

Otto & Sons, which began as a single location butcher shop in Chicago, is now know as OSI Group, an international supplier of food. OSI Group owns a variety of smaller division stationed all over the world including OSI Food Solutions, Turosi, and more.

Over the course of the company's history, it has gone through several periods of extreme growth. The initial success of the company can be attributed to with McDonald's, whose first location was in Illinois, the same state that Otto & Sons was based out of. International expansion came in the 70s, and now, OSI Food Solutions is expanding once more.

OSI Food Solutions has purchased Flagship Europe, adding it to their OSI Europe brand. David McDonald, the COO and President of OSI Food Solutions said the purchase would expand their presence in Europe.

With Flagship Europe comes Calder Foods, a company that Flagship Europe themselves had only recently purchased. Calder Foods produces toppings, condiments, and dips.

OSI Group also purchased a new building in their state of origin - Illinois. The building was an old Tyson chicken production factory and will now increase OSI Group's chicken production.

OSI Group's production in Spain was also recently increased. Now, OSI Group produces an annual 45,000 tons of pork, chicken, and beef food products. These numbers a accomplished by a total of 140 people; 20 of these people are new employees, recently hired after production was ramped up.

OSI Food Solutions was honored by the British Safety Council in 2016. The company was given the Globe of Honour Award, which was also given to 17 other organizations in 2016. In order to be considered for the Globe of Honour a company must exhibit consideration for the environment; their environmental management skills must be top notch and excel above other companies in their industry.

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