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Clay Hudson and Innovative Music Producer

Clay Hudson is a music producer that has worked with Kid Rock, Guns N’ Roses, and Pink. He began his career working at various companies in the music industry. After, gaining experience and becoming a project manager he decided to create his own company. His company specializes in managing and producing concerts.


When his previous employer had problems during the recession, Clayton decided to start his own business. He already had plenty of experience in the music industry, so making the change was an easy decision. He incorporates audio, set design, illumination, and technology into his projects. When creating stage designs, he pays close attention to details and knows how to fulfill his clients' needs.


Clayton contributes his success to believing in himself and his natural talent. He is dedicated to completing projects on time, and his clients include famous performers. They rely on him to create innovative designs. He utilizes state of the art equipment and can customize projects for his clients.


During his workday, Clayton stays organized and prepared. He arranges his work day by coordinating tasks with his staff and advanced planning. For instance, he begins coordinating the end of the show during the artist’s performance. He ensures that his staff can break down equipment and complete the project quickly. He also believes in safety and takes precautions during set up and break down to prevent accidents.


Clayton has his own beliefs about working in the entertainment industry. He believes that family should come first and he protects the integrity of his company. He values his staff and encourages competence and does not let personalities sway his opinions of reliable workers. Learn more:  https://www.ver.com/featured_work/onerepublic-honda-civic-2017-tour/


Clayton uses current technology and the Kinesys Elevation 1+ system is the best. This is an automated rigging system that controls tons of stage equipment. This system contains 70,000 pounds of lighting, audio and LED video panels that are safe and efficient. The Kinesys system operates with the use of Vector software that permits accurate execution of stage effects. The system also works with works with mobile devices and is easy to use during performances.


Clayton is an innovator in the music industry. He is hardworking and dedicated to ensuring his projects are seen through to completion. He always does his best, and his clients are satisfied with his work. He has become a trailblazer, and his contributions have had a profound impact on music.