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Gareth Henry’s Position Suits Him Well

Gareth Henry is the managing director at Fortress Investment group which he joined in 2007. His principal responsibility is leading marketing efforts and investor relations for Fortress Liquid Markets all over the world.

Before his current position, he was in London as the head of global investor relations at Fortress raising capital and creating client relationships in the markets in Europe, Middle East and Asia. He as well had gained a lot of experience and expertise in investments as he worked for Schroders as a strategic solutions director where he advised clients on optional investments.

The fact that the Fortress Investment Group offers similar services means that he was strategically placed to assume his current position. Gareth Henry once advised investors about directing their money to Brazil at a time when the country was headed for elections and assured them they would reap big. By observing the political changes in various states, Gareth Henry can conclude how the economy of that country will be and if it is suitable for investment or not. Additionally, he mentioned Japan and Scotland as good places to invest, and with such advice, investors know where to put their money without worrying about any negative eventualities.
Gareth Henry believes that the kind of service that clients get offered is crucial to the success of business considering that they are the backbone of that business. Additionally, investors get served best when the right people are hired for the job which is the case of Fortress Investment Group.

For the company, they hired reliable individuals to oversee client service for real estate portfolios as well as new business developments. Gareth Henry attended the Heriot Watt University where he graduated with a first class honours degree.

Additionally, he is a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in the United Kingdom and society of Actuaries in the United States. He plays a vital role at the Fortress Investment Group considering that he is a mathematician and understands a lot in regards to wealth funds, pension funds and insurance companies. His presence in the company is tangible, and for that reason, he has been featured in a list of 30 talented investment professionals of the 2011 hedge fund rising stars.


Highland Capital Management: Giving Back to the Community

The team over at Highland Capital Management has been going strong ever since it opened the doors in 1993. The alternative investment firm primarily focuses on private equity loans, credit hedge funds, and other various credit accounts. However, one of the founders of the firm, James Dondero, did not want to establish himself for purely selfish purposes. James had in mind to build a corporation that would give back to his hometown of Dallas, Texas. The multi-billion dollar firm is responsible for helping initiatives in Dallas, and any other city where a Highland Capital Management branch stands, that promise to launch their communities into the future in a favorable light. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

One of the recent examples of the generosity of Highland Capital Management is the one million dollar donation given to the Dallas Zoo to rebuild their beloved hippopotamus habitat. Back in 2001, the last living hippo at the zoo passed away of old age, and the management team had to make the difficult decision to close the habitat indefinitely. The community reached out to the Dallas Zoo with an outpouring of requests to bring back the favorite exhibit, but unfortunately, the zoo did not have the funds to do so for nearly two decades. Now, almost twenty years after the passing of Papa, the Dallas Zoo is home to Adhama, and Boipelo, two young hippo's that are happy to call the Outpost at the Zoo their new home. It is the hope of those working with the creatures that they will mate and breed so that they might support the dying population of the endangered hippopotamus. With the help of several other local philanthropists in the Dallas area, Highland Capital Management and friends were able to come up with the total fourteen million dollars to make it happen.

Check: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-05/highland-is-said-to-buy-lazard-argentine-fund-eye-stock-boost

Other examples of the generosity of the team at Highland Capital Management, are any that promise to aid their communities with needs in education, healthcare, or other civic needs the city might have. The Family Place in Dallas, Texas, is a shelter that provides sanctuary to men that are victims of domestic violence in their household. It is because of companies like Highland Capital Management and their generosity that keeps shelters like The Family Place going strong. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.