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Success Academy: A Study in Engineering Student Success

What can be done when public schools are underperforming and there aren’t enough people in the public school system who have the ability, interest or the political will to do anything about it?


Success Academy charter schools might very well be the answer. Success Academy charter schools represent viable options for parents who are truly interested in their child’s education and career prospects to unite in a school environment that takes education as seriously as they do.


Success Academy charter schools offer proficiency rates in English and Math which far outpace those of neighboring public schools. This can be attributed, in large part, to Success Academy schools’ more challenging curriculum, stricter discipline, and longer school days. These schools offer accountability, a standard of excellence, and varying educational pathways which have become all too uncommon in the U.S. public school system.


In New York, in particular, Success Academy schools have enjoyed an astounding level of success. In areas where the public school system has failed, with a disproportionately negative effect on minority and low-income populations, Success Academy charter school have entered the scene and dramatically filled the void. Believing in hands on learning, iquiry-based instruction, and intensive parental involvement, these charter school instill confidence in schoolchildren and generate genuine excitement in student learning and achievement. It is therefore no wonder that while many of the local public schools struggle to achieve basic proficiency rates, Success Academy Schools will often have an entire graduating class admitted to college.



Success Academy is expanding its network and recently transformed the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse – in disuse for decades – to another potentially thriving center of student learning, growth and achievement. Slated to serve liberal arts-focused high school students, the school has a 2018 anticipated opening, amid a backdrop of Success Academy success stories in its neighborhood. It’s a perfect example of success breeding success.



Success Academy named finalist for prestigious national charter school award