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Canvassing Made Easier by NGP VAN’s Software

In 2016, during campaigns, candidates and parties spent about $6.4 hoping for a win in the federal elections. Apart from the money-oriented strategies, volunteers spent much of their time to persuade voters to vote for their candidates.


Canvassing is the traditional way of campaigning by physically moving from door-to-door in the hope that you will convince the party or candidate supporters to turn up during the elections or persuade new potential voters. In America, canvassing is a very common campaigning strategy.


In competitive elections, candidates and parties rely on their canvassing operations to sway voters from the opponents. Campaign officers optimize their campaign operations to make sure every campaign dollar counts.


What are the shortcomings of canvassing?


Though canvassing is common in America, individuals and organizations have started to question its effectiveness in swaying voters from the opponent. Political scientists need to know if it’s worth the money and time spent.


Professors from Stanford and UC Berkley endeavored to find out the impact the outreach programs such as canvassing television commercials, phone banks among others has in the general elections.


After surveying voters, Brookman and Kalla found out that the canvassing effort can change the political views of one person out of eight hundred people exposed to the operation.


While saying that canvassing is completely useless does not hold ground, it is not effective in swaying people from the opposite side. This means that campaign chiefs have to look for ways to make the canvassing operations more effective.

What is the NGP VAN’s solution to the canvass problem?


A campaigning software has been developed by NGP VAN which makes it easier for canvassing operations to be more effective in persuading voters. NGP VAN is the leading provider of campaign software for Democratic Party campaigns.


The NGP VAN software offers the campaigning team voter data that will help them decide on the voter regions to target. It is helpful to target voter base without hardened opinions on a certain candidate.


Moreover, the NGP VAN’s Minivan prepares routes, pre-designated maps, talking scripts and voter data compilation for canvassers. The application which runs on both Ios and Android uploads each interaction with voters into a database.


How does distributed canvassing work?


Distributed canvassing is a MiniVAN feature that addresses the cutting turf problem. It automates and streamlines the process of the creation of route preferences and walk lists for campaign organizers.


Are women part of the NGP VAN’s progressive agenda?


Well, the company took part in “Day Without A Woman” worldwide event to show solidarity with the global movement to advocate for equity, justice, and the women’s rights. The company recognizes the contribution of women to its success. In addition, it allowed and encouraged them to contribute to charities.


Whether it’s by providing innovative software to solve campaign problems through the MiniVAN mobile app, support women, or contribute to charity, NGP VAN stands firm in its progressive roots.





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