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Barbara Stokes: Article Recapping of Help During Disaster Relief

Barbara Stokes has been a big help in guiding disaster relief construction. It's true that even though warnings of hurricanes could save lives but there is still the devastation of a deluge. Families can be homeless in these ways, one is a home could be washed away or not washed away. The hurricane season was serving as breaker or records. This was with the hurricanes of Rita and Katrina that hit the gulf coast so hard to influence the shoreline. New Orleans was target of these two hurricanes. During these storms trailers over 145,000 became delivered. Over ten years later decaying of houses will keep on happening after meeting of owners with too many barriers to have them saved. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Barbara Stokes the CEO of GSH of Alabama, LLC” her husband Scott and the team focus on everything that’s internal from design and allowing the building of a job variety with traditional identifications. They have done much in the language of efficiency and quality. This was in areas like college dorms, and site development. They would perform the same tasks as contractors in construction of disaster relief. Read this article at businessinsider.com.

Recently, GSH was given an opportunity to help out with the Hurricane Harvey situation. A month after the disaster in the coast of Texas cities like Houston and Corpus Christi, GSH had been given a contract with an amount of $28.5 million to erect, deliver, and build a number of MHU’s that was not told. They had only a couple months to complete it, March was the month. Even though that seemed a lot Stokes was looking in the perspective of those who were quickly without homes. She would also think of the three kids she had and the work she does in the community of her family’s community. Barbara Stokes is a compassionate person who understands that it is the attitude that is rested on the GSH or in a more accurate way, looks for the motivation. Looking to today, the disaster housing of the GSH has laid down a standard for the industry and shows the basic ways of giving.

View: https://gshofalabama.com/barbara-j-stokes/

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