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End Citizens United Asking For Your Help To Make Congress Work Again

A poll was published not too long ago that gave Congress a very low approval rating. In fact, the poll put things like dog poop at a higher approval rating. Comedians had a field day, but this poll has a kernel of truth to it. The group’s financial information is available on OpenSecrets.Org.

There's a common misconception that Congress is broken. I'd argue that Congress is actually working perfectly fine. Unfortunately, Congress is working like a well-oiled machine for corporations, big business and the wealthy. This gives the average person the impression that Congress is broken because nothing gets done that affects the average person's life.

End Citizens United wants to change that for good. You see, Congress feels like it's broken because each of the candidates in power directly benefits from donations made by large corporations and the wealthy. This is all made possible by a 2008 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United.

The decision opened the floodgates of money. The money is clearly corrupting our political system. The decision essentially says that corporations have First Amendment protections because they are individual citizens. The decision expanded on the idea of corporate personhood.

Learn: https://www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html

Corporate personhood is not a new idea, but the new rights granted by the decision are brand new and ridiculous. Corporations can now throw unlimited amounts of money at elections in order to get their favorite candidates elected. In turn, the candidate does the bidding of the business in Congress while ignoring the electorate.

End Citizens United has a simple mission -- to tear the decision down. The group has quite a daunting task because they are up against some of the biggest spenders in America. But End Citizens United is well-versed in grassroots fundraising which helps those endorsed Democratic candidates around the country.

Each of the candidates, including Beto O'Rourke in Texas, is committed to the abolishment of the decision. And you can help End Citizens United by donating to their favorite candidates and voting for candidates who will revamp campaign finance laws. Corrupting corporate money must be removed from our political system in order to restore a sane democracy. It'll get Congress back to work for the people. Visit their page on Facebook.

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Luminesce, by Jeunesse Global, continues to gain worldwide traction

One of the most inspiring and surprising success stories to come out of the global health and beauty scene over the last few years has been that of Jeunesse Global. Founded in 2009 by industry stalwarts Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company quickly experienced explosive growth. By the end of its first year, Jeunesse had done nearly $1 million in sales, an incredible feat for a company that was founded out of a retired couple’s garage. By its eight years in business, Jeunesse Global was estimated to be worth an astonishing $1 billion, making it one of the top global health and beauty brands.

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Even as the company begins competing on equal footing with the likes of Revlon and Mary Kay, Ray and Lewis have maintained a great deal of humility. Because they were never in it for the money, having reached the status of millionaires all the way back in the 1960s, the couple has been intensely driven to create the best products in the world and to compete with the biggest names in the business. Rather than a way to accumulate more wealth that they will likely never be able to even begin to spend, Ray and Lewis have viewed the creation of Jeunesse Global as a sort of life statement. They wish to leave a legacy of great products and life-changing economic opportunity to the world. And with Jeunesse, they have already largely achieved this result.

Still, Ray and Lewis will be the first to tell anyone who asks that the secret to their success has been their creation of great products that creatively meet real market needs. There’s no better example of this than the company’s Luminesce skin moisturizer and anti-aging crème. Luminesce has been ranked as one of the most effective moisturizers on the market while being competitively priced with some of the top brands. At the same time, Luminesce contains the company’s renowned APT-200 molecule, which has been clinically shown to reduce the stigmata of aging and erase years or even decades from a user’s apparent age. Luminesce is just one of the many products that have established Jeunesse as a global health and beauty leader.


Alex Pall is Doing Something Different and True

Recently hit group DJ's The Chainsmokers collaborated with superstar Halsey. This track is different from other successful Chainsmoker hits by the fact that on the song, one of the members actually lends his voice to the song and not just his DJ skills. The Chainsmokers is made up of two individuals, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Usually Alex and Andrew. Andrew tried something different and instead of having other artist provide vocals for the whole song, he lent his own vocals to his own song.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are starting something new by adding more emotion to the their area of music that is a genera that has a lack of emotion. Growing up Alex Pall was a DJ, DJing around New York City. While working at a New York City art gallery, Alex Pall was introduced to Andrew Taggart by Pall's manager. It was during this event that Alex realized that he wanted to pursue being a dance music DJ. At this time, Alex's now partner was new to New York by ways of Maine. Alex stopped working at his job at that time and he and Taggart began working together as soon as they met.

From the moment of first meeting Alex and Taggart both had great respect for each others talents. They had a deep conversation seeing just how much the two had in common on the feelings of music, how things were for the two growing up. It became apparant that the two shared the same goals and dreams. Alex and Andrew spent a full time amount of hours working together and vibeing everyday from 9am to 7pm. With all the time spent the two created a very soothing an melody sound that people can vibe to.

Alex wants for the group to make a sound and layout that is different. They don't want any playlist of flow of any other DJ album out there. They create a lot of different music and one thing for sure is that they always stay true to themselves.



Gareth Henry’s Position Suits Him Well

Gareth Henry is the managing director at Fortress Investment group which he joined in 2007. His principal responsibility is leading marketing efforts and investor relations for Fortress Liquid Markets all over the world.

Before his current position, he was in London as the head of global investor relations at Fortress raising capital and creating client relationships in the markets in Europe, Middle East and Asia. He as well had gained a lot of experience and expertise in investments as he worked for Schroders as a strategic solutions director where he advised clients on optional investments.

The fact that the Fortress Investment Group offers similar services means that he was strategically placed to assume his current position. Gareth Henry once advised investors about directing their money to Brazil at a time when the country was headed for elections and assured them they would reap big. By observing the political changes in various states, Gareth Henry can conclude how the economy of that country will be and if it is suitable for investment or not. Additionally, he mentioned Japan and Scotland as good places to invest, and with such advice, investors know where to put their money without worrying about any negative eventualities.
Gareth Henry believes that the kind of service that clients get offered is crucial to the success of business considering that they are the backbone of that business. Additionally, investors get served best when the right people are hired for the job which is the case of Fortress Investment Group.

For the company, they hired reliable individuals to oversee client service for real estate portfolios as well as new business developments. Gareth Henry attended the Heriot Watt University where he graduated with a first class honours degree.

Additionally, he is a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in the United Kingdom and society of Actuaries in the United States. He plays a vital role at the Fortress Investment Group considering that he is a mathematician and understands a lot in regards to wealth funds, pension funds and insurance companies. His presence in the company is tangible, and for that reason, he has been featured in a list of 30 talented investment professionals of the 2011 hedge fund rising stars.


How Neurocore Is Using Neurofeedback To Treat Patients With ADHD

Neurocore is a 14-year-old company that helps people by offering a neurofeedback service. Their patients can be having issues with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD, or other mental conditions they want to receive treatment for. They provide services to children and adults in both Michigan and Florida.

A new patient goes through a complete evaluation on their first visit. If it is determined that Neurocore is right for them they will go through a series of appointments where they are hooked up to a neurofeedback device that monitor their brain activity as they watch a movie. When their mind wanders this device will stop the movie until the patient is able to get their mind back on it. Once the device determines this has been achieved the movie will start up again. In this way, people train their brains to stay focused and on track.

ADHD is a relatively common neurodevelopmental disorder that starts in childhood and can last well into a person's adult years. ADHD results in a child that is inattentive, impulsive, or hyperactive. There are three types of ADHD and a person falls into one of these categories based on the symptoms they exhibit. The first two categories of ADHD are Predominately Hyperactive-Impulse Presentation and Predominately Inattentive Presentation. The third category of ADHD is reserved for people who have symptoms from both of these categories. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Neurofeedback has been shown to be an effective treatment for ADHD. The team at Neurocore says that in fact most of the research that has been conducted on neurofeedback has been about if it can treat ADHD. The first research into this topic was conducted in 1976 by J.F. Lubar. His research concluded that neurofeedback resulted in children being less distracted and less hyper in their behavior. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Other research on neurofeedback and ADHD was being performed at the same time at UCLA. That research concluded that an excess of theta waves and a commensurate decrease in beta waves was likely the cause of ADHD. Neurocore says that 85% of their patients with ADHD show a noticeable reduction in their symptoms. 53% of their patients drop below the thresholds of being diagnosed with ADHD.