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Nick Vertucci lesson via a new book

Nick Vertucci started his business endeavours at the age of 18 when he opened a computer accessories business. He has started this business after going through a challenging childhood after the death of his father. Nick Vertucci wanted to find a way of helping his family as he was the first born and the breadwinner of the family. The business picked up very well but collapsed during the dot.com crash that affected the technology sector. In the crash, he lost everything that he had. He was forced to build his life again. Even as he prepared to start his life afresh, he did not know where to start. He has no money and no idea where to start. He was, however, tipped by a friend about some real estate class that he could attend and see if it could serve his interest.

Nick Vertucci attended the class and from the world go, he fell in love with the ideas which he heard. He took the initiative to learn more. This marked the beginning of a journey that would end with him as a millionaire. He did not, however, get it easy. He had to learn everything from scratch which itself is not an easy thing to do. Nick Vertucci made some mistakes, but with each mistake, he made sure that he learned something and made the right decision in the next level. Nick Vertucci became mentally tough; failure was no longer an option. He was determined to make it, and finally, he managed because of the hard work passion and the drive to succeed.

To help others learn from him, he has shared some insight on how to succeed through a book he has released entitled "Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed." This book is for those who want to succeed in life by following the teachings of a person who has been from the bottom to the top.


Successes of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone`s career in the competitive market has been marked by great achievements. He has lived an exemplary life by working closely with other executives and his team of employees. Randal has not only shared his ideas with other people but he has also employed his skills in the lives and firms of other people with an aim of helping them improve their business operations and their skills in the field. He is the CEO, co-founder, and director of the Fortress Investment Group. He has seen the firm grow into one of the best and most successful investment ventures in the country through his persistence and determination to achieve the best.

Randal Nardone flaunts many years of experience in his field of specialization and he has over the recent years showcased wide knowledge in the field of investment and finance. His positive attitude towards his work has been attributed to his notable successes and many people have striven to emulate him. Besides, his successes and achievements in his career speak for themselves and they are a clear proof of the expertise he holds in the field of finance and investment. As one of the executives of the Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone spends most of his time evaluating the various challenges that the firm faces with an aim of coming up with effective strategic approaches to handle them for the success of his firm. He has received a lot of accreditation from many people due to his ability to fuel growth in the firm. Through the firm, Randal Nardone has also striven to create job opportunities for the people of the country with an aim of helping them improve their skills in the field as well as helping them improve their living standards.

Randal Nardone is ranked number 557 in the worlds billionaires list and he has not only aimed at making his career and life a success but also improving the lives of other people. He is believed to have a net worth of about one million eight hundred million USD. He is an inspiration to many people and he has always paid a close attention to every individual that shows interest towards learning leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Meet Fortress Investment Group's Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO


Paul Mampilly: Self built success

Paul Mampilly is a financial guru and graduate from Fordham University. He has held several premiere positions within large corporations such as Bankers Trust and Kinetics Asset Management as well as others such as legal firms. One of his greatest accomplishments he has done was a $25 billion dollar growth for Kinetics Asset Management. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

Paul Mampilly also held a position inside of Wall Street. He had grown accustomed to the high intensity workload and fast paced action, however, over time this seemed to take its toll on him. Paul Mampilly is also a creator of his own products. He is the founder of 2 trading platforms named Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum.

Success wasn't given to him, however. Paul Mampilly grew up in a small town in India where he later went on to receive a college education. Throughout adulthood he still struggled financially. He decided that it was time for a change in his life. In 1974 Paul, along with his family, moved to Dubai. This seems like such an odd thing, however. What family that is struggling financially moves to Dubai? Apparently this one.

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Divine intervention might have played a hand in this success as at the moment of their family relocating, Dubai had undergone economic growth that the city had not seen in years. Both Paul and his sibling were able to receive a college education. Paul ended up receiving a bachelors in Business. He later went on to receive his Masters in Business Administration from Fordham, a top of the line business school.

After his career working for Wall Street ended in 2016, he went on to bigger and better things and became a senior adviser at Banyan Hill Publishing. This career move could of happened for several reasons. One of the possibilities could be that the work was unfulfilling or draining, however, the more likely cause is the need to spend more time with his family at home. Read more about Paul on Interview.net.

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Anil Chaturvedi: Industry Veteran Mentoring Fintech

Top banking advisors to super rich and powerful people need lifelong commitments to their craft. Customers and Colleagues need the confidence to make the right decision. Anil Chaturvedi has demonstrated his commitment and provided that confidence.

Chaturvedi currently applies his considerable knowledge to the position of Managing Director, Hinduja Bank. Anil has seen banking trends come and go over his four decades. The internet is a disruptive technology benefiting bankers for years. However, the fintech revolution is seen by many banking veterans as an attack.

After studying for his MBA at Delhi University School of Economics, Chaturvedi began his career with the State Bank of India in 1987. Starting in the bank’s development and planning department, Anil had the responsibility for their marketing strategy. Chaturvedi received a “Man of the Year” award from the bank. Anil was also credited with an increase of an impressive $500 million in a four year period.

Banks Anil Chaturvedi built in the 80s, and 90s resisted startups that were trying to seize control of banking services. Now, these same banks are partnering with fintech startups to foster more business. Anil sees significant gains by fintech through retail banking, payment processing and making loans.

For nearly eighteen years Chaturvedi cultivated his professional life as Managing Director International for Merrill Lynch in New York City. Anil continued to refine his specialization of catering to ultra-high net worth individuals. Chaturvedi again recognized for excellent work, becoming a member of the Circle of Champions.

Anil Chaturvedi has seen remarkable changes throughout a solid banking career. Banking by its very nature is unpredictable in what the industry will look like in twenty years. He does see difficulties ahead for fintech startup companies. These companies trying to piggyback their services on the backbone of traditional banking networks will see resistance.

Throughout Chaturvedi’s career, he has been adept at cross-border transactions. He has increased his value by widening his connections worldwide.

Chaturvedi currently holds the position of Managing Director of Hinduja Bank located in Geneva Switzerland. Carefully crafted marketing Anil has led the bank into several mergers and acquisitions throughout Europe. Many see continued success for the bank with Chaturvedi at the helm.