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Betsy DeVos; The Power Of Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos together with her husband Dick DeVos has touched the lives of many through their family foundation. Having been founded in 1989, The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has remained an embodiment of excellent leadership and good deeds in the society. The charity has focused a majority of its efforts in ensuring that social entrepreneurship, quality education, and arts are entrenched in communities across the globe. The organization has been one of the biggest contributors to noble causes around the world. In 2015 alone, the philanthropy gave out over $11.6 million earning the DeVos family the 24th position on the list of top philanthropists in the US.


One of the biggest beneficiaries of the donations that the DeVos family has given out includes the Success Academy Charter Schools. In the year 2015, the group of schools received over $150,000 donor funds from the DeVos organization. In an interview with the Philanthropy Roundtable, Betsy DeVos also revealed that the Potter’s House, an institution with a Catholic background in Michigan had received $200,000 for various initiatives.


Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation have remained committed to ensuring that research in hospitals and medical schools is advanced. The organization has also contributed substantively to evangelical missions and art institutions. For half a decade, the DeVos family has managed to give out over $100 million in donations to various initiatives and organizations. Most of the funds from the charity have also been directed to other charities to facilitate their operations.


Apart from running the family business and charities, Betsy DeVos acquired another job recently. The social entrepreneur is the current secretary of education in Trump’s government. President Donald Trump settled on her because she has been one of the most vocal individuals who’ve agitated for a policy change in the education sector. For over three decades, Betsy DeVos has worked closely with other players in government and the private sector to try and have a policy change in the American education system. In her reforms agenda, Betsy is keen on affirmative action for all the children from marginalized regions.


Betsy’s interaction with educators and parents in her role as mentor has helped her get firsthand information on the status of the school system in the US. The smile on the face of the parents she has helped get their children to better schools always keeps her going. In the District of Columbia, Betsy has taken a lead role in establishing choice schools for students. The paradigm of choice schools enables students to decide their career at a young age.


Before she landed her job on the cabinet, Betsy DeVos held the post of chairperson of a financial services company called The Windquest. She is an alumnus of the Calvin College, Michigan.


To learn more about Betsy DeVos, visit http://www.betsydevos.com/.

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Four of the Leading Human, Civil, and Migrant Rights in America

The number of groups advocating for human, civil, and migrant rights continues to grow, yearly. These organizations play an active role in pushing governments and the civil society to embrace just and fair policies. The groups are the people’s watchdog and they put checks and measures in place to make sure everyone lives freely regardless of their religion, race, gender and social standing.

Most- if not all- of the groups exist as non-profit making entities relying mostly on donations from well-wishers and volunteers to conduct their duties. Let’s briefly explore the mandates of the leading human rights and civil movement groups in the US.

  1. The Advocates for Human Rights

Founded in 1984, this advocacy group seeks to promote human rights standards, equality, and justice all over the nation. The rights group pushes for the introduction and the amendment of rules that stifle on the rights of minorities. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://twitter.com/JimLarkin_

They have developed programs to push for reforms in women’s human rights, international justice, immigrant rights, and death penalty issues and, it also sponsors education and research on matters pertaining to human and civil rights.

  1. American Civil Liberties Union Immigrants’ Rights

This group sets to achieve a set of mandates that touch on freedom, justice, and equality for asylum seekers. Migrants have come under renewed pressure, especially from the Donald Trump administration.

The new government ascended to power with the provocative promise to repatriate illegal migrants on top of building a wall separating America from next-door Mexico. Today, the organization is on the front line of battling legal battles on behalf of the tens of thousands of immigrants being prosecuted by the government. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

  1. International Migrants’ Rights Advocate

Founded 20 years ago, this American-based human rights advocacy group has continued being a beacon of hope for millions of immigrants. Migrants Rights International collaborates with other like-minded civil groups, for instance, the Global Coalition on Migration to fight for the plight of women, children and the marginalized people in the communities.

  1. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This group is a relatively new entry in the American civil rights movement chapter. Were it not for a police harassment incident that saw Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin unlawfully arrested and detained in Phoenix, Arizona, this organization might never have been born.

The incident sparked outrage and anger beyond the state of Arizona and it even caught the attention of President Trump. The bone of contention arose when the public started calling for the arrest and prosecution of a notorious police officer with an extensive record of profiling people on the basis of their racial backgrounds.

Today, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund works in close partnership with like-minded movements to push for much-needed reforms in the Arizona police force.


Daniel Taub – A Distinguished Diplomat

When Daniel Taub was appointed as the Ambassador to Israel, one of the mysterious facts was his life. He was born in Britain, and nothing will change his practices and beliefs as a Jew. Daniel Taub had to give up his citizenship and start a new journey of representing the nation which he immigrated 30 years earlier. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.parashadiplomatit.com/ and http://www.parashadiplomatit.co.il/

According to Mr. Daniel, it was a privilege to raise his children in their homeland. A nation where their family of origin exiled 2000 years ago.

Based on the facts about his family history, Mr. Taub is aware of the opportunities they experienced in Britain. In that case, Daniel Taub was to express his gratitude by bringing Israel and Britain together.

As mentioned before, Daniel Taub was brought up in London and attended Oxford University. He was also an alumnus of Harvard University from where he completed his Degree in International Law.

In 1989, Daniel relocated to Israel, where he worked as a combat medic in the department of Israel Defense Forces. In the same department, under the international law division, Daniel Taub also worked as a reserve officer.

Mr. Daniel joined the Foreign Ministry of Israel in 1991, where he held various diplomatic and legal posts. Since he was an expert in international law and specializes in various areas such as counter-terrorism.

Daniel was appointed as one of the Principal Legal Advisors at the Foreign Affairs Ministry. With the position as the legal advisor, Mr. Taub represented Israel in various joint fora including the missions involving the United Nations.

As a legal advisor and distinguished diplomat, Mr. Daniel Taub was involved in the peace talks between Palestine and Israel. After good interactions with his counterpart from Palestine, Daniel manages to make the two nations reached an agreement.

His good record with negotiations made him also participate in the peace process between Syrian and Israel. During the Gaza flotilla incident, Daniel Taub was the head of the observer delegation team, which represented Israel in the International Court of Justice and the investigative committee of UN. The hearings were about the security barriers affecting Israel.

While serving as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Mr. Daniel managed to put a lot of emphasis on technology and trade links between the UK and Israel.

He also ensured that there was a clear focus when it comes to issues such as interfaith and cross-culture activity. Therefore, he hosted many outreach programs including cultural events, which were meant to bring different communities together.


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