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Founder of Lime Crime Shares Her Fitness Routine

Doe Deere is not only the founder of the iconic beauty brand Lime Crime, but is also renowned for her astute judgment of fashion and its finer nuances. She recently shared her morning routine with her many fans and followers across the world. Ensuring that she gets nine hours of sleep every night, she wakes up religiously at 8:30 am every day and has breakfast in the kitchen by a window, where she plans her day ahead.

Amongst the first things that she does in the morning is to have a glass of water as that helps to keep her hydrated in the dry climate of Los Angles where she lives. She then does some stretches, particularly the cat/camel routine, which she feels works quite well for her. That is followed by breakfast, which for her usually comprises of grits, a hot cereal, yogurt, fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice, made with oranges from her own tree!

Her life is in a sense inextricably linked to the calendar on the phone, which means checking the latter is something she inevitably does every morning. Through her company's internal chat, she pretty much knows, what's going on in her organization, by the time she reaches her office. Other than that, she keeps away from the digital clatter and focuses more on things like new products to introduce. Things like emails she tackles in the latter part of the day.

While putting on her makeup, she likes listening to music and currently it is The Beatles that she listens to. Her fondness for their music goes back to her childhood years when she would listen to them a lot. She likes using Glossier face wash as she finds it mild and likes its smell of roses. For moisturizer, she uses Murad, Hydro Dynamic Quenching Essence. When it comes to foundation, she likes using L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation or MAC’s Studio Fix.

Apparently, Deere is working on creating a foundation under her own Lime Crime brand, which she hopes to introduce into the market soon. An essential part of her makeup routine is to set her makeup with powder before filling in her brows and then to proceed to her cheeks and lips. The favorite part of her makeup routine has to be blush and lipstick, as she feels that colors enliven her face.

The colors of her choice are ‘Rustic,' ‘Red Velvet' and ‘Pink Velvet' from her Lime Crime ‘Matt Velvetine' range. Her makeup can take from anything between fifteen minutes to an hour depending on what the occasion demands. Doing her makeup in the morning is the time she cherishes the most, as it gives her time to spend with herself and be herself.

She likes to defer her shower till late in the evening, as she likes her hair to be dry and all set for styling in the mornings.

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Why Madison Street Capital Has Such A Great Reputation With Its Clients

Madison Street Capital is a large investment bank whose services are directed at middle market firms and major corporations.  The firm is based in Chicago but has been the middle man for transactions all across the globe.  The man who founded Madison Street Capital is CEO Charles Botchway who was also with Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc before it closed down in 2011.  Botchway has been responsible for the positive outlook on Madison Street Capital reputation and was interviewed by Ideamensch to find out more about his background.


Botchway told Ideamensch that he formed the idea for the company because he felt the middle markets lacked the funding for various corporate transactions that he believed were fundamental to the US economy.  He finds the technological advantages firms like his can have nowadays allow them to enter the globalization arena.  One of the reasons he believes Madison Street Capital has grown the way it has is because the company offers bits of advice to clients that they might not get for free with any other firm, and through that tactic many clients have referred Madison Street Capital to others.  Botchway has made the company one of the most reputable in the M&A service.


Madison Street Capital has so many clients that span across a diversity of industries that include pharmaceutical, retail, energy both in traditional and alternative areas, telecommunications, and finance and banking.  Fundamental to their services is the way they help clients raise capital through partnerships with other investment banks, private equity firms, investors and credit groups.  During merger and acquisitions, the company offers both sell-side advisory and buy-side advisory to guide clients through the regulations that entail selling a business.  Madison Street Capital can also guide executives through business exit strategy phases and wealth planning and endowments for future beneficiaries.


Madison Street Capital is credited with helping Ares Security Corporation find a buyer for its minority recapitalization restructuring and through that they've been able to recover profitability.  Madison Street Capital also helped Pearl Human Health Ltd. fund a high-tech hospital opening in India through a partnership with Henry Ford Health.  They are the award winners of a Restructuring Deal of the Year and M&A Deal of the Year given by The M&A Advisor.


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How Brad Reifler Became an Internationally Sought After Financial Expert

Brad Reifler is a prominent American entrepreneur and the founding CEO of Forefront Capital. Brad also serves as a director at Sino Mercury Company. Brad is also the former chairman and chief executive officer of Pali Capital, a globally reputable financial company.

He began his career as a trader at Refco before founding Reifler Trading Company. Brad has also held senior positions at several prominent organizations including Foresight Research Solutions, European American Investment Bank, and Genesis Securities.

Recognized for his unparalleled expertise in asset management, trading, and investments; the experienced financial advisor has led Forefront Capital to incredible heights. Under his leadership, the company managed to bring together great investors, high net worth individuals, and sophisticated traders in a trading environment aimed at maximizing investment performance.

With over 30 years in the financial advisory industry, Reifler has solved several financial problems making him a sought after financial expertise in the international financial market.

Brad Reifler graduated with bachelor’s degree in Econ and Political Science from Bowdoin College, where he emerged t poof the class. A year after graduation, Brad Reifler founded his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation. Under his leadership, the company attracted several large firms in the financial sector. As a result, Refco, an international investment firm bought the company in 2000.

A Unique Idea

“Why should billionaires be given more priority yet they contribute only 1 percent of the economy?” This question bothered Brad and is thought to be the reason behind founding Forefront Capital. Today, Reifler strives to give more priority to the middle and the lower class, who contribute about 99 percent of the economy.

Charitable Causes

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is a big fan of philanthropy. In 2016, his company, Forefront Capital Advisors partnered with Easter Seals Dixon Center, an organization that supports veterans and military families. Brad donated $3 million, which would empower and consequently change the lives of militants and veterans.

About Forefront Capital Advisors

Forefront Capital Advisors is a leading financial service delivery firm that provides investment banking, merchant banking, and alternative investment management. Led by the founder, Reifler, the New York-based company has managed to attract globally recognized business leaders.

Armed with a team of experienced professionals, Forefront Capital helps in maximizing returns. As a result, small entrepreneurs can access business opportunities reserved for the wealthy class.