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Success Academy: A Study in Engineering Student Success

What can be done when public schools are underperforming and there aren’t enough people in the public school system who have the ability, interest or the political will to do anything about it?


Success Academy charter schools might very well be the answer. Success Academy charter schools represent viable options for parents who are truly interested in their child’s education and career prospects to unite in a school environment that takes education as seriously as they do.


Success Academy charter schools offer proficiency rates in English and Math which far outpace those of neighboring public schools. This can be attributed, in large part, to Success Academy schools’ more challenging curriculum, stricter discipline, and longer school days. These schools offer accountability, a standard of excellence, and varying educational pathways which have become all too uncommon in the U.S. public school system.


In New York, in particular, Success Academy schools have enjoyed an astounding level of success. In areas where the public school system has failed, with a disproportionately negative effect on minority and low-income populations, Success Academy charter school have entered the scene and dramatically filled the void. Believing in hands on learning, iquiry-based instruction, and intensive parental involvement, these charter school instill confidence in schoolchildren and generate genuine excitement in student learning and achievement. It is therefore no wonder that while many of the local public schools struggle to achieve basic proficiency rates, Success Academy Schools will often have an entire graduating class admitted to college.



Success Academy is expanding its network and recently transformed the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse – in disuse for decades – to another potentially thriving center of student learning, growth and achievement. Slated to serve liberal arts-focused high school students, the school has a 2018 anticipated opening, amid a backdrop of Success Academy success stories in its neighborhood. It’s a perfect example of success breeding success.



Success Academy named finalist for prestigious national charter school award


Cotemar: Adding innovation to an old industry

Cotemar is a Mexican petroleum company that has been around for over thirty eight years; providing services to Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex). Cotemar is always looking for ways to evolve and innovate their services. Taking pride in their staff and engineers; the company has looked at new ways to process equipment along with effective indicators. The company also provides services under three categories of specialized industries: "Construction, Modernization, Maintenance, and Engineering, Specialized Maritime Support Vessels, and Catering and Accommodation Services." According to an article in Expansión: Cotemar is one of a few energy and oil companies that is renovating and changing the industry inside Mexico. These companies have been able to face social changes and demands for innovation inside local regions, such as Veracruz. With petroleum being a large economic sector in Mexico; Cotemar has been at the forefront of modernizing oil rigs, so that spills and disasters are less likely to occur.

Cotemar operates on sustainability scheme that many American companies should follow: looking to enforce business ethics, respect for quality of life, community outreach, and protection of the environment. It can also be a good employer; advocating social responsibility towards protecting its employees. It provides food services, laundry, and housekeeping to every cabin. Here employees will meet sufficient living and life standards. The social responsibility that Cotemar creates for its employees also is related to its accountability to being sustainable and transparent. The company advocates for "economic, social, and environmental" commitment in which they believe that their role is to not only give back, but also protect others and the environment.

As petroleum companies have gone under scrutiny involving climate change, and spills that can affect environment protection; Cotemar is innovating an old industry. In fact, the company is has the approval of the International Safety Management for Maritime Safety activities. It also has been certified under the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, and it has met regulations from MARPOL that look at pollution from rigs and ships.


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Securus video visitation is loved by inmates and staff

Over the last 10 years, Securus Technologies has rolled out is video visitation technology, touching the lives of millions of inmates and making a difficult life circumstance a little more bearable. Video visitation has enabled inmates that would have, in times past, never been able to stay in contact with their family members and loved ones to now keep in touch with them, face-to-face, on an almost daily basis.


This has been a great addition to prisons throughout the United States. It has been shown that inmates who are able to stay in contact with their family members are less likely to recidivate and have better behavior while incarcerated. This increase is the safety and security of the institutions where those inmates are housed makes society as a whole safer, as a result of offenders being less likely to commit crimes upon being released.


But Securus’ highly sophisticated video visitation system, which includes a robust suite of security features, also is a great favorite among corrections officers and other prison staff. This is because it allows for unprecedented levels of communications safety within the prison. With Securus video visitation systems, it is impossible for prisoners to execute criminal activities or otherwise use the communication services for illicit ends.


Securus video visitation systems have the capability to automatically monitor all conversations taking place on the system. This is made possible by highly advanced transcription technology as well as artificial intelligence that is capable of parsing all conversations, in real time, searching for any anomalous patterns and alerting staff immediately upon the detection of potentially illegal activity.


Prisons that have installed Secures video visitation system have, by and large, see dramatic increases in safety and security within the institutions. Through technologies like these, Securus is increasing the safety and efficiency of U.S. prisons.


The recap of Mike Heiligenstein, CEO

Mike Heiligenstein is a well-known individual for his outstanding leadership in the areas that he has had the chance to offer his services, particularly on the leadership positions. Mike is known for making an exclusive achievement in his career regarding infrastructural development in Central Texas. At the moment, he serves as the CEO of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.


Mike became a representative of the people of Central Texas through giving service. He was elected by for over 20 years. This was facilitated by his struggles to enhance infrastructural expansion, water, as well as the sewerage schemes.


He also worked as a chair to the Clean Air Force of Texas as well as a regional MPO, among other community projects. He is capable of multitasking, and it is for this reason that he was able to serve on this positions in addition to being an elected representative at the same time. Mike is known for being an outstanding speaker to different groups concerning infrastructure, particularly transportation. He also has exemplary strategies for solving problems.


He has also worked as one of the board members at the WTS Heart of Texas Chapter, Advisory Council of the Texas A&M, and Texas Department of Transportation's Texas Technology Task Force. He was chosen by other national representatives as the President at International Bridge.


In line with his education, he attended the University of Texas and currently owns a master's degree in Government and Business Administration.




It is a government agency established in the year 2002. It is not only independent but also set to plan an up to date, regional transport network in the Central Texas. It began operating in the year 2003. This was the year when Mike was selected to lead the board.


Before being taken over by Mike, it didn't have any revenue, encountered stiff competition, and didn't have any roads being constructed. At the moment, it has a well-outlined strategy established meant to enhance control of assets worth over $4 billion. This is in addition to the revenue income which is expected to rise significantly in a few years' time.


The company's objective is to establish transportation remedies so as to minimize road congestions thus improving the living standards in the areas concerned. Also, it is under the oversight of seven board members.


He acknowledged the way technologies significantly influences the transport infrastructure. According to him, Austin area is yet to advance significantly regarding infrastructure.

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