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Bruce Bent II: Along the Financial Revolution

Bruce Bent II is the president of Double Rock Corporation, which is the leading financial technology company. The company provides innovative cash management solutions to banks, broker-dealer, retail markets, and qualified plans. He is a senior executive in affiliate companies and subsidiaries of Double Rock Company. The subsidiaries include Intrasweep LLC, Access Control Advantage Inc, Landing Rock Group LLC, LID Capital LLC and Island Intellectual Property LLC.

Mr. Bruce is a pioneer in the retirement services and cash management businesses. His entrepreneurial drive and vision is the catalyst for some of the relevant and most influential technologies and products in the financial services industry. Mr. Bent II has several patents credited to his name and has many achievements such as transforming the cash management environment into a multi-trillion dollar industry.

As stated on Wikipedia, he works with Access Control Advantage to avail an automated contribution plan solution that limits borrowing by an average of 25% from plan participants. Currently, Mr. Bent II shares the responsibility of defining the strategic direction of the companies. Mr. Bruce Bent II is part of Young Presidents Organization, which unites almost 10,000 prospective international business leaders and is a former finance chair of the Gotham Chapter. He is a member of the Entrepreneur Organization based in New York and serves on the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson and organization that protects, restores, and preserves the Hudson River.

Money market fund is an investment whose goal is to earn interest for the shareholders. It maintains a net asset value of one dollar per share. The portfolio comprises of short-term securities representing liquid, high-quality debt, and monetary instruments. Investors can buy shares of the money markets through a mutual fund, bank, or brokerage firm.

The purpose of the money market fund is to provide investors with a place where they can easily invest and access cash equivalent assets. This is a mutual fund with low risk with low-return investment. It is an attractive investment for investors because it has no loads. Therefore, no fees charged by mutual funds for exiting or entering the fund. Other money market funds provide tax advantage gains to investors by investing in municipal securities, which have tax-exemptions at state and federal level. The money market fund can hold short-term Treasury securities.

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Have Wine, Will Travel

You want to earn a couple hundred dollars a month for extras. You need to earn more to pay for expenses. You have hope of tossing your 40-hour-a-week aside. There is a company that will not only allow you to do any of those things, but encourages you to achieve whatever you’d like.

Traveling Vineyard, back in business and going strong since 2010, may be exactly what you’re looking for. Like other “hostess parties”, a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide presents a product in someone’s home. Unlike other direct marketing companies, Traveling Vineyard’s guides do not have to hard sell their product. They simply show up, help set up and then present a variety of award-winning wines for free wine tastings by the guests. Can you imagine anyone not enjoying a wine tasting? Socialize, and make 35% commission off of all your orders, simply sharing your knowledge and pouring delicious wine.

Though a direct marketing business, with elements of Multi-Level Marketing, Traveling Vineyard, again, differs from others of this type in the following ways. There is a relatively low start-up cost. You do not need to buy, and store, inventory. There are no minimum sales quotas to be met monthly. If you need to reduce your tastings for any reason, you are not penalized. There are only two costs to the wine guide – replenishing the Tasting Set after two tastings and, after 90 days, a monthly fee to maintain your personal website. However, your first two tastings will generate enough orders to provide credit to offset cost of Tasting Set. Everything you need to learn is provided. The company culture is positive, friendly, and supportive.

There are many benefits to becoming a Wine Guide. Primarily, is the opportunity to work for yourself: Set your own work schedule. Work around the priorities in your life. Earn as much, or as little, as you wish. Secondly, have fun while earning. Make new friends. Last, but not least, are three paydays a month, deposited directly into your bank.

Traveling Vineyard can be found online on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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The Hustle That Made Doe Deere’s Lime Crime a Phenomenon

When Doe Deere started out an online hustle in 2004, she had no idea it would turn out to be a multi-billion cosmetic company and brand name. Lime Crime's founder and CEO Doe Deere didn't underestimate her love affair with bright colors. Her love for flashing clothes was challenged by the lack of splashy colored makeup, something that got her brain ticking. Lime Crime was the result. Brilliantly bright lipstick made in line with animal-friendly policies was just the right shade of color. Doe Deere started out in 2008 and had successfully put her name in the cosmetics world. Lime Crime manufactures and distributes lipstick, eye shadows, and nail polish.

Use of e-commerce and selling her product online is what set her apart from heavyweight giants. Her background with eBay sales gave her the confidence in knowing that her products will perform well and go beyond the continent. The core business principle that has her going is the clarity of her vision on how women want their makeup. She develops the designs alongside her creative designers and personally tests them out to get a feel and live out the lipstick before deciding if it passes her test of quality.

Doe Deere belabors the need for an exceptional support and customer care team. Happy clients are repeat customers, and that's what business is all about. Doe asserts that having good working relationships based on mutual respect and sharing a common goal is a key driver of her success. As such, she has developed very close working relations with her staff.

A brand's name is part of any business success. Doe says she settled on the name because it was unclaimed while registering her eBay account and that lime is also a favorite color and seemed to match the word crime. Deere uses a hands-on approach. She regularly supervises her designs sometimes she is there showing the way. Doe Deere works alongside her husband of 16 years.

Born in Russia, her love for makeup started out in a girl's slumber party at the age of nine. She admits that she wasn't a makeup expert. However, she also defines herself as a creative spirit that is always experimental. She migrated to New York City when she was 17. She is married to her long time husband who is also the president of Lime Crime, both live in Los Angeles.

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