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Despite Clinton loss, you can still bet on George Soros

George Soros is one of the greatest financial geniuses of modern times. He's amassed a fortune of nearly $25 billion starting from virtually nothing. For someone who became one of the richest men in the world, he toiled for a surprisingly long time without great success. For much of his early adulthood, he even had little interest in becoming wealthy. He sought only to make $500,000 so he could pursue a career in academia.

From bankrupt to the Bank of England

Unlike many who ultimately make it to billionaire status, George Soros had no family connections. His father was a modestly successful, middle-class lawyer but ultimately had no effect on the younger Soros' career.

After graduating from the London School of Economics, Soros found it difficult to land his first financial job. For a number of years he grinded out a living as a low-end salesman. At 24, and a few years out of college, he finally landed his first financial job. For the next sixteen years, he bounced from job to job, often taking far more interest in his study of philosophy than of the exigencies of work. By 1973, Soros had finally established his own true hedge fund. But with just $12 million in capital, it was a small-time affair.

He focused his investing strategies around a unique philosophy, elaborated by his mentor Karl Popper, upon which Soros had labored to expand. He called this philosophy reflexivity. In essence, reflexivity postulates that markets are made up of agents whose decisions are not always rational. In fact, those agents’ decisions are often affected by the decisions of other agents, like themselves, who are participants in the markets. This can lead to feedback loops such as bubbles and crashes where movements in prices become totally decoupled from the underlying economics of the assets being traded.

In short, reflexivity can be stated as "markets aren't always rational". This simple observation may seem almost unmentionably obvious and reflects the thoughts of many successful investors from Warren Buffet to James Simons. However at the time, it ran counter to the prevailing wisdom in academic departments around the globe that markets are always efficient.  This obviously flawed formulation leads to so many wrong conclusions that, once Soros devised a system to exploit them, he was able to post perhaps the best returns of any investor in history over a forty-plus year period.

Soros went on to make legendary trades including the one for which he is credited with "breaking the Bank of England". This single trade yielded him a one billion pound profit in a single day. It's difficult to calculate his actual returns because he's given away so much money. But he's widely acknowledged by his peers as among the greatest investors ever.

George Soros is believed to have invested in Hillary Clinton's campaign despite serious misgivings about her chances of success. It was a purely ideological play. So even considering his $25 million investment in the doomed Clinton campaign, you can bet on Soros to keep racking up big wins on whichever contests he focuses his immense talents.

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Securus Technologies Is Making The Holidays Better

Christmas is usually a time for togetherness, family and holiday spirit. But, it is not always that way for the inmates in a correction facility. Many of them cannot see their families, and they feel depressed and alone on the special day. A company named Securus Technologies decided to create something that could allow the inmates to feel like they are part of the holiday. They made the Christmas video visits where the inmates were permitted to watch a video of their family during the holiday.


The Christmas video visits lift the spirits of the inmates. They can see and hear their families when they opening gifts and eating their meal. It is important to them that they are part of the holiday too. With the good feeling that they have, the correction facilities are peaceful and free from crime. Everyone can be safe during that special day of the year.


Securus Technologies is a company that is a leader in its industry. They never stop looking into new and innovative ways to make the world a better place for all people to live in. This company is very concerned about the public’s safety, and they go out of their way to perform duties that are thrust upon them. They are in demand all across the nation, and the government contracts them all the time to work with their correction facility to prevent and solve crimes in any magnitude. Since Securus Technologies can do what no other company can, they always perform at their best and get the job done. They deal with over a million inmates regularly, and they are inventing new ways to keep everyone safe on a weekly basis. Since they are experts at what they do, they are involved in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. In the future, people will surely hear more from Securus Technologies as they find more ways to keep the people safe. It is their mission to make it the safest as possible for all people.




Brian Torchin: From Chiropractor To CEO Of A Multinational Company

According to The Valanx, Brian Torchin has had a very long career in the healthcare sector, and he currently is the CEO of HCRC. He has been very successful in his position with HCRC. In addition to running HCRC, he also has published a number of works on subjects related to healthcare management. Prior to being a manager in the healthcare field, he was in practice as a healthcare professional himself. In fact, he still continues to operate his own practice, which has continued to do extremely well.

Brian Torchin began his career with an undergraduate degree in exercise science. Then, he attended the New York Chiropractic College, and then he went into practice for himself. While he has been very successful with clients that have had a wide range of concerns, he has long had exceptional skill and interest in working with those with sports related issues.

In addition to becoming well known as a chiropractor, Brian Torchin always has been very skilled with the business aspect of running a healthcare practice. This truly got him to where he is today.

He started selling his business skills to other practices. As he did, he became a manager for a lot of different business entities in healthcare. Doing this caused him to get a lot of visibility, and this visibility led to HCRC hiring him as their CEO.

While he has worked at HCRC, he has worked very hard to make sure the company is as successful as it can be. HCRC is now known as one of the best healthcare staffing agencies in the world, and it is one of the largest, as well. They operate throughout different regions of the world, and many companies have depended on them to bring in skilled workers.

In addition, many prospective employees have depended on the services of HCRC to get them a job. Both job seekers and hiring companies in healthcare have access to top notch customer service from HCRC, and Brian Torchin works hard to ensure this experience rings true for everyone.

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