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Rocketship Education: To help their kids blast off and reach for the skies, parents need to understand how to track their children’s progress

On September 25 of last year, it was reported that Rocketship United Academy in Davidson County, Tennessee has enjoyed academic improvement among their students. Part of this milestone has been attributed to changes in the way educators in Davidson County evaluate their students.

Traditionally, schools in Davidson County relied on measures of proficiency, or a quantification of a child's mastery of a subject in a particular year, to measure achievement. Therein lies the flaw; it doesn't give the full picture of a student's time in school. To remedy this, Rocketship tracked student progress via a different metric: growth.

Unlike proficiency, "growth" compares a student's academic performance in a school year compared to those of previous years. Instead of determining whether a student has reached a milestone, growth evaluates a student's improvement compared to performance in prior years. The goal is to focus not on raw talent but on the work required to help underperforming students catch up with peers.

Indeed, this evaluation method, called the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), has been utilized by over 7,400 schools around the world. Through this progress-oriented mindset, many students in other regions of the world have enjoyed considerable growth in academic achievement, especially so in impoverished areas. Seventy percent of students at Rocketship United Academy are from economically disadvantaged areas of Davidson County, and 146 students who were behind academically have recently caught up.

It is strongly recommended that parents in Nashville, Tennessee who want to track their child's performance in school to not ask simply about the child's proficiency, but in their growth. It may be a stronger path to their success.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a Redwood, CA-based non-profit organization that serves disadvantaged communities across the United States. Founded in 2006 by educators John Danner and Preston Smith, Rocketship education has nineteen schools across Nashville, Milwaukee, Northern California, and Washington D.C., with two more due to open in August. The organization seeks to help children achieve their potential, emphasizing the value of personalized learning, talent development, and parent power. For more, visit their website here.


Ronald Fowlkes and Effective Teams

No one on the planet ever said that Ronald Fowlkes is a man who doesn't put 100 percent into every task that comes his way. Reading about Ronnie Fowlkes' career thus far can be an exhilarating experience. He's accomplished so much throughout the years. He's been part of the military in the United States. He's worked for a couple of police departments. He's been a respected staff member for a couple of prominent companies, too. Fowlkes is in St. Louis, Missouri. He lives in the city with his wonderful family. He's a businessman through and through. He's one thing more than anything else in the world, though. That's a committed father. People who know Fowlkes understand that he will do anything to make his youngsters smile. The Fowlkes family not long ago relocated. The little Fowlkes family members weren't delighted by the idea at first. Their moods totally did a 180 though. Fowlkes presented them with bedrooms that were considerably more spacious. Fowlkes' kids completely changed their tune. Not many things can be better for children than room to play and run around freely. Young children need to get their energy out.


Fowlkes represents Eagle Industries Unlimited as a Business Development Manager. He's been an employee with this renowned tactical gear business for about 10 years. He uses his many skills to make the crew at Eagles Industries Unlimited proud. He has a lot of experience thanks to his time in the United States Marine Corp. He has a lot of knowledge due to his time working for SWAT in St. Louis as well. This man is a security buff. He's a gear buff, too. His background in this field isn't restricted to Eagle Industries Unlimited. He had a position before with IWT Group. He was the firm's business develop manager as well. He spent a lot of time thinking about the sales of military products of all varieties. Fowlkes was with IWT Group prior to teaming up with FirstSpear.


Tangible ideas are essential for all different kinds of professionals out there. They're essential for business development managers like Fowlkes. This individual gets his ideas in a variety of smart ways. He gets them through collaborating with other people as well. He believes that collaborating with others in many ways encourages him to do his wisest thinking. Talking to other people gets his mind jogging. It makes him consider things he may not have contemplated otherwise. Fowlkes is a person who likes interaction. That may be why he's so good at all of the things he does. People who need to learn about effective tactical gear concepts can put all of their trust in Fowlkes. His guidance approach is thorough.



The Unique Products And Marketing System Of Organo Gold

The History of Organo Gold

The National Coffee Association has stated during 2009 and 2010 the coffee production in the world was a total of 125.2 million bags. Water is consumed throughout the world more than any other beverage but coffee is second. Coffee shops have appeared on numerous street corners with a wide variety of offerings. Nearly all grocery stores have their shelves lined with different types of coffee products. Even when economic times become rough coffee products have retained durability and elasticity in almost every market on the globe. All of these facts have been capitalized on by the Canadian Organo Gold Company. Their marketing structure is multilevel and based on individual sellers in the promotion of their selection of coffee products. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

The History and Staff

As a veteran in the industry of marketing, Bernardo Chua is the founder of Organo Gold. He works closely with Shane Morand, the co-founder of the business and the supervisor of the direct selling platform. Organo Gold incorporates a Scientific Advisory Board in their operations. The Chief Medical Consultant for the board is Dr. Irma Prado. The founder for the partner company of Organo Gold is Li Ye. This company is called the Fujian and is a Biology Research Center based in China. The coffee's organic ingredients and the center are overseen by Dr. Li Xiaoyu. Organo Gold has offices operating in both the United States and Canada.

Organo Gold is not available at any coffeehouses or retail locations. Their products can only be obtained through individual distributors. These individuals purchase the products wholesale directly through Organo Gold. The distributors are rewarded for their efforts with a commission of fifty percent on every sale they make. Organo Gold chose to operate using a multilevel marketing approach and their products are being sold consistently. The profits of the business are shared by the company, sales teams and distributers using Organo Gold's domino effect system. Visit Orguniversity.com to know more.


The Products

Bernardo Chua's products are an effective blend of a mushroom called Ganoderma and gourmet coffee beans. The Ganoderma is used in the same way as a traditional Asian herb. The herb is called Ganoderma lucidum or reishi. Organo Gold claims this herb has antiviral qualities, helps control cholesterol and ensures their coffee is much healthier than the traditional blends. Organo Gold also produces a Ganoderma-blended hot chocolate, a Ganoderma-blended green tea, a Ganoderma-infused latte blend and Ganoderma supplements.

The Statistics

Business for Home is a news website for multilevel marketing. They stated the worldwide estimated 2010 revenues for Organo Gold were $35 million. The sales system and products are offered in the United States, Peru, Germany, Canada, Jamaica, Austria, the Netherlands and the Philippines. The same source also stated the highest earners for the company in 2010 made between $350,000 and $4,000,000 although these are not typical results.

Read: http://reporterexpert.com/celebrate-national-coffee-day-organo/

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Will Shervin Pishevar’s Theories Prove Correct Once Again?

Social media is now one of the most widely used and effective ways of communicating with a mass audience, and billionaire co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One and An investing firm, Shervin Pishevar, has often utilized the platform to convey his beliefs regarding a rapidly evolving market. Over the years, he has become one of the more respected investors in the world due to his uncanny ability to identify and link with companies that have exceeded expectations, including Dollar Shave Club, Uber, Tumblr, Klout, Rap Genius, and Warby Parker.

In his recent return to social media, Shervin Pishevar used Twitter to break down a number of economic circumstances that are altering the climate of the United States.

According to Shervin Pishevar, Bitcoin, which has been one of the most prominent investment opportunities to emerge in recent years, may continue its downward slope for a period of time. Recently, after climbing to a price of nearly 20k, the cryptocurrency nosedived to below 8k, but in Mr. Pishevar’s estimation, this will only be temporary, and throughout the course of the next 24 months, it should stabilize and return to its ascending nature.

Based on the gains of 2017, the stock market seemed to be functioning very well, with a number of notable people publicly backing it, including President Donald Trump, but Shervin Pishevar sent shockwaves through the investment community when he discussed his belief that it would soon suffer a 6000 point loss. A day after the word of Shervin Pishevar’s predictions was released, the Dow Jones suffered its most significant losses of this decade, taking a 500 point dip in 30 minutes, with the final tally totaling in at more than 1000. Immediately, markets began to panic due to the sell-offs, and the S&P looked less-secure than in recent memory. Unlike Bitcoin, if his predictions are correct, the US stock market is not due to recoup these losses anytime soon, and things will continue to worsen as time goes by.



Clay Hudson and Innovative Music Producer

Clay Hudson is a music producer that has worked with Kid Rock, Guns N’ Roses, and Pink. He began his career working at various companies in the music industry. After, gaining experience and becoming a project manager he decided to create his own company. His company specializes in managing and producing concerts.


When his previous employer had problems during the recession, Clayton decided to start his own business. He already had plenty of experience in the music industry, so making the change was an easy decision. He incorporates audio, set design, illumination, and technology into his projects. When creating stage designs, he pays close attention to details and knows how to fulfill his clients' needs.


Clayton contributes his success to believing in himself and his natural talent. He is dedicated to completing projects on time, and his clients include famous performers. They rely on him to create innovative designs. He utilizes state of the art equipment and can customize projects for his clients.


During his workday, Clayton stays organized and prepared. He arranges his work day by coordinating tasks with his staff and advanced planning. For instance, he begins coordinating the end of the show during the artist’s performance. He ensures that his staff can break down equipment and complete the project quickly. He also believes in safety and takes precautions during set up and break down to prevent accidents.


Clayton has his own beliefs about working in the entertainment industry. He believes that family should come first and he protects the integrity of his company. He values his staff and encourages competence and does not let personalities sway his opinions of reliable workers. Learn more:  https://www.ver.com/featured_work/onerepublic-honda-civic-2017-tour/


Clayton uses current technology and the Kinesys Elevation 1+ system is the best. This is an automated rigging system that controls tons of stage equipment. This system contains 70,000 pounds of lighting, audio and LED video panels that are safe and efficient. The Kinesys system operates with the use of Vector software that permits accurate execution of stage effects. The system also works with works with mobile devices and is easy to use during performances.


Clayton is an innovator in the music industry. He is hardworking and dedicated to ensuring his projects are seen through to completion. He always does his best, and his clients are satisfied with his work. He has become a trailblazer, and his contributions have had a profound impact on music.


Bradesco Has A New CEO But The Bank’s Mission Is The Same

Bradesco is making shareholders happy. The bank just issued $2.5 billion worth of stocks, and every shareholder is getting another share for every 10 shares they currently own. The shareholders will vote on that measure on March 12th. That measure should pass with ease. And the nomination of Octavio Lazari, the board’s pick to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco, should also pass with flying colors. Lazari is not a newcomer to the Bradesco family. Octavio was an office boy when Amador Aguiar, the bank’s founder, hired him in 1978. Aguiar and Lázaro de Mello Brandão, the departing Chairman of the Board, hired Trabuco in 1969, so both men have tenure with the bank. Trabuco’s banking career took a turn when Lázaro Brandão put him in charge of Seguros, the bank’s insurance division in 2003.

Seguros is a moneymaker for Bradesco, so Lázaro Brandão thought Trabuco would keep profits up while expanding insurance services for bank customers, and that’s exactly what happened. For six years, Trabuco put a sizable chunk of profit on the bank’s bottom line, and Trabuco’s banking star hit the big time in the banking industry. The Board of Directors didn’t waste any time putting Trabuco in the CEOs chair when Lázaro de Mello Brandão moved to the Chairman’s position at the end of 2009. For the last eight years, Mr. Trabuco made headlines with his acquisitions and the expansion of online and mobile banking services. Under Trabuco’s leadership, Bradesco hit a new stride in the domestic and international banking.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia substituto de Trabuco

Trabuco sent Octavio Lazari to Seguros to sort out some insurance challenges, and Lazari didn’t disappoint Trabuco or the Board of Directors. In 2017, Lazari earnings broke Trabuco’s earnings record, so Mr. Lazari did what Trabuco did eight years earlier, and more. Lazari’s management performance at Seguros was enough to make him the top contender to replace Trabuco as CEO. But Lazari wasn’t the only candidate for the job. Six other vice-presidents were in the running. Trabuco and Brandão spent three months going over each candidate’s qualifications, but in the end, the Board of Directors thought Lazari had all the ingredients to be the new face of the bank. The shareholders will vote to make that choice official at the March shareholders meeting according to economia.estadao.com.br.

The good news is shareholders are getting two strong leaders. Trabuco and Lazari have a team of executive vice-presidents who know how to work together to generate income in an economy that is just recovering from a three-year recession according to g1.globo.com. No expects any negativity at the shareholders meeting. Bradesco is on track to have another record-breaking profit year, so the meeting will be positive, according to some shareholders. Shareholders will also vote to put four members of Trabuco’s executive team on the Board of Directors. Those men will hold their current positions and be board members at the same time.

Bradesco is facing challenges in 2018, but investors know Trabuco and Lazari have the experience and the team to overcome those issues without creating a lot of undue negative media attention.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5227979/sucessao-no-bradesco-deve-ocorrer-no-primeiro-bimestre-diz-trabuco


Tony Petrello gives out $5 million for medical research

Tony Petrello is a popular figure in Texas. As the CEO of the leading oil company in the country that has its headquarters in the state, he is known by many. Although he lives a quiet life, his actions have everyone talking about him lately. First of all, he has been featured as a top paid business executive in the country. As of 2015, he was earning about $68 million in a year. With such a salary, he is among the wealthy people in Texas. Tony Petrello has brought transformation in the oil industry which is the reason he has such a huge salary. Since he was appointed the CEO of Nabors Industries in 2011, he has pushed the company though levels of success which had not been experienced before. He has made the company not only a top company in the country but globally as well.

Nabors industries have drilling operations in over 25 countries on different continents. His main task since becoming the CEO has been to expand the operations of the company to as many countries as possible. He has also invested in making the company technologically advanced by producing the best drilling rigs. Tony Petrello has steered Nabors industries at a time when economic depressions have affected many sectors of the economy. However, Nabors Industries has continuously been making profits thanks to the management skills of Tony Petrello. Tony Petrello has not only hit the headlines for his work at Nabors Industries.

Actually, he is getting a lot of attention following his philanthropic initiatives. He has been a key figure when it comes to charity work in Texas. He has exhibited a commitment to causes that have never been addressed before. He has emphasized on support for medical care facilities in Texas that cure unique medical disorders. Tony Petrello is the biggest financier of the Neurological research center established under the Texas Children’s Hospital. This is a research facility that is meant to come up with medical treatment for neurological disorders that affect children. Neurological disorders in children have been overlooked for a long time, and no medical facility has ever come up with a plan to address this problem. It took the efforts of Tony Petrello to finally have a facility that will look into the matter and come up with a treatment. Tony Petrello was pushed to support the research work following the challenges he had to go through when dealing with his daughter’s health problem. His daughter suffers from a neurological disorder called leukomalacia (PVL).


The Future of Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University Fashion department featured 10 of its most prominent fashion graduates at New York Fashion Week for the 21st time this season to showcase their visions of the future of fashion. And what an amazing experience it was.


The Academny of Art University is one of the largest art and design school in the United States. They have participated in New York Fashion Week twice a year since 2005. Every year in the spring they host the San Francisco Graduation Fashion Show.


Some of the New York Fashion Week featured designers were selected for the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Future Graduate Showcase. Many of the designers pieces were very impressive and were noted as leaders of the next generation of creatives by Jayne Foster, Graduate Director of Fashion at the Academy. They were also able to express their individuality and passion through many of their designs but still able to illustrate a cohesive collective. Those among the group were;


Hailun Zhou, MFA Fashion Design, from Qing Dao, China. Eden Slezin, MFA Fashion Design, from the Bay Area. Dina Marie Lam, MFA Fashion Design, from Los Angeles, CA. Carlos Rodriguez, BFA Fashion Design, born in Mexico City, Mexico. Saya Shen, MFA Fashion Design, from Beijing, China. Joanna Jadallah, MFA Menswear Design, born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Orange County, California. Cana Klebanoff, BFA Knitwear Design, born in Queens, NY and raised in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Ryan Yu, MFA Fashion Design, born in Shenyang, Liaoning, China and Jelly Shan, MFA Fashion Design, born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.


Growing up with San Francisco in 1929 when the Academy of Advertising Art was founded by Richard S. Stephen this painter and magazine director was a visionary who inspired and motivated along with the city around him students into professional artist and designers.

The Academy of Art University continues its commitment to art & design while maintaining a strong connection to the passion of its founder.


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James Dondero – Making Dallas Greater!

Who is James Dondero?

James Dondero is the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, LP; a highly respected firm in Dallas, Texas. Before creating his firm James Dondero began his financial career with JPMorgan Chase and Company in 1984. He later found himself handling and managing billions of funds while working for American Express from 1985 thru 1989. James Dondero moved up the ladder quickly by securing the position of Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life's GIC subsidiary in 1989. While under Protective Life's he used his experience to secure $2 billion in business. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Riding on his previous success James Dondero decided to start his company in 1993. Highland Capital Management, has been consistently gaining the reputation as one formidable alternative credit managing firms in the U.S. and the world. Dondero's firm specializes in credit hedge funds, private equity accounts and multiple credit accounts. His firm has a stronghold on the healthcare industry. Currently James Dondero manages $2.3 billion in healthcare institutional and mutual funding. In addition, James Dondero has his hands in many philathropic projects. His love for Dallas shows through the many charities he participates and funds. Follow James on Linkedin.

How He is Making Dallas Great

James Dondero shows his passion and love for Dallas, Texas through his various charities. Along with the help of Mary Jalonick, he has formed the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. Through the foundation James Dondero can select charities that meet his concerns. So far, the foundation has supported veterans, educational and health care projects, and several civic organizations. In addition, he dispurses grants during the year to support many organizations in the Dallas area. Altogether Dondero has issued more than $3 million to his charitable projects.

James Dondero has also partnered with Linda Owen, former CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. She assist the foundation by connecting James Dondero with nonprofit agencies geared towards improving not only Dallas, but also the North Texas region. With Linda's experience Highland has secured commitments to assist with the following organizations in Dallas, such as The Family Place, which is a shelter for victims of domestic violence. James Dondero has also generously given to the Dallas Zoo, which has an Hippo Habitat named after his foundation. Dondero is persistant in acquiring additional charities to assist throughout North Texas. His love for the state and for Dallas continues to grow without end.

View: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/james-dondero

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The Cosmetic Surgeon of Choice: Dr. Jennifer L. Walden

The life of a plastic surgeon can be very hectic as well as demanding. This field of work isn't for the faint-of-heart because you'll need to have a passion for doing the work. You'll also need the perseverance to make it through the extensive amounts of training. One of the top cosmetic surgeons in Texas is Jennifer Walden, and she has put Austin, Texas, on the map. Walden has a resume of excellence as well as a reputation of success. She is the founder of the famed Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, and she obtained a fellowship from the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital in New York City.

While living in New York City, Walden was under guidance from some of the industry's most celebrated figures. One of her mentors was the prominent Dr. Sherrell Aston. Thanks to their strong bond, these two individuals became a talented duo in a sense as Walden became a close associate of Dr. Aston. The reintroduction of silicone breast implants came from the extensive work of Walden as she participated in clinical trials as well as submitted plenty of research papers to bring the obsolete components back into transition. This astounding woman has a brilliant mind, and she uses it to the fullest. Being such a high-profile individual, she consistently serves as a consultant for Venus concept, for Ideal implants, for ThermiAesthetics and for other medical-aesthetic companies. After spending seven years in New York, she was ready to move back to Austin to raise her sons.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has also appeared on numerous television shows such as VH1's "Plastic Surgery Obsession", NBC's "The Today Show", E! Network's "Dr. 90210" and ABC's "20/20." All in all, the sky is the limit for this valiant woman or should I say that the limit is the sky.