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A Paranormal Way for Mr. Pattiz to Reinvest In the Broadcasting Industry

Mr. Norman Pattiz announced the paranormal explored in the latest podcast Beyond the Darkness. Mr. Pattiz is the discoverer of America's biggest advertiser-supported podcast network, PodcastOne. It’s the most recent show on WWE star Chris Jericho's podcast network and will feature thrilling conversations with expert researchers who will be challenging everything one knows about ghouls, ghosts, demons, angels, monsters, and alien mysteries.

Hosted by radio host and author Dave Schrader, and radio host and producer Tim Dennis, new episodes will be released on Mondays on PodcastOne.com or PodcastOne in iTunes or its app.


Norman Pattiz recognizes Chris Jericho as an icon of success for the PodcastOne network. He has delivered comedians and now looks forward to pursuing the paranormal with Beyond the Darkness.


Chris Jericho said he is stoked to announce the addition of Beyond the Darkness podcast to Jericho’s Network. Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader are at the top of the broadcasting and with them is a big fan base who believes in their subject matter. Mr. Jericho has faith that Beyond the Darkness will increase their massive audience on The Jericho’s Network, and scare their fans senseless.


About Norman Pattiz

He is the Founder of Westwood One which is America’s largest radio station and provider of sports, news, entertainment, traffic programming, and talks across the Broadcasting Industry. Westwood One owned CBS News, NBC broadcast networks, the Mutual Broadcasting System, CNN Radio, NCAA Basketball, March Madness, plus NFL Football.

Mr. Pattiz discovered Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 and PodcastOne recently. PodcastOne is a leader in national podcast sales and marketing.


Norman Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton in 2000 and 2002 by President Bush to Broadcast the Board of Governors of United States of America. Mr. Pattiz is responsible for launching Americas Arabic television and radio services to all the 22 countries of the Middle East. He is also the man behind the Iranian broadcasting which reaches a weekly 40 million audience in Farsi language.


In addition to his broadcasting background, Mr. Pattiz Norman also serves as a Regent of the University of California and is the Chairman of the Los Alamos National Security Laboratories Lawrence Livermore and Lawrence Livermore. He is also a crucial member of the Pacific Council on International Relations and Council on Foreign Relations.


In 2009, Mr. Pattiz was introduced into the National Radio Hall of Fame and received an accolade in Giants of Broadcasting from the Library of American Broadcasting.

Learn more: http://www.radiohof.org/norman_pattiz.htm


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Oncotarget: Improving Research And Propelling It Forward

Oncotarget is an open access medical journal that contains papers on research in oncology. Oncology is the study of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer. It was started six years ago by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. They also serve as the editors-in-chief of the journal. Gudkov is the vice president of research at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute whereas Blagosklonny is a professor of oncology there. Gudkov is also a Professor and the Garman Family Chair in Cell Stress Biology at https://www.researchgate.net/journal/1949-2553_Oncotarget. Blagosklonny serves as the editor of some other journals. His articles have received more than 20,000 citations.

Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals which also publishes Oncoscience, Aging, and Genes & Cancer. The journal on msubmit.net is abstracted and indexed in publications such as Scopus, BIOSIS Previews, and PubMed. The impact factor of Oncotarget is one of the highest that any journal in publication has. It has had an average of 5.41 since it was started. It had one of 5.008 last year. This has been attributed to the quality that the journal maintains through its peer-review system on endnote.com. The archives can be found on the site of the Oncotarget and also on the site of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). One can search through the issues to find the paper(s) that they are looking for on both sites.

Oncotarget has only published articles on oncology for a long time. They realized that oncology is connected with other fields. They now accept articles in several areas including metabolism, aging, cell, molecular biology, and endocrinology. Oncotarget has been able to improve the speed through which research is put out into the world since it is published on a weekly basis. This has helped researchers to get a platform where they do not have to wait for a long time for their research to be released to the public. It is also free to access online which means that scientific results can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone all over the world. This has helped scientists to collaborate and to make scientific discoveries faster. It has contributed to eliminating borders between different fields because the paper does not publish articles in one field only.

Oncotarget has published ground-breaking research including the article that showed that E-cigarettes could eventually cause damage to the gum tissue. This damage increased with the use of flavored e-cigs. The paper showed how e-cigarettes cause inflammation in the mouth and eventually oral diseases.


Fyre Festival 101

Get ready for the concert of the year. Yea, I'm talking about Fyre Festival! A two-week festival comprised of concerts, art, and unlimited adventuring on a private island in the Bahamas called Fyre Cay.

With a $1500 price tag all attendees are VIP guests as well as famous musical guests. The Fyre Festival is held on two weekends, April 28-30 and MAy 5-7. Thanks to Fyre Festival being the party of the year you will be treated to concerts, scavenger hunts, and scrumptious meals throughout the event.

Insane Music Lineup

Unfortunately, the music guests haven't yet been announced but every year they fail to amaze. One of the major points of the festival is bringing music talent together and sharing it with VIP fans, giving more of a fresh one on one experience. So be prepared to be blown away, and you might just meet everyone on your playlist.

Treasure Hunts Galore

Combining cash, jewlery, and other gifts the treasure hunts are comprised of over one million dollars. These treasure hunts happen each weekend, so whatever you can;t find be sure to make it to the next one!

Your Private Vacation

Fyre Festival is so much more than just a festival. You aren't joining a bunch of tourists on a strip of convenience stores. You are witnessing history, meeting people you will never see again. You can visit vintage art, talk to cultured leaders, hang out on the beach, or literally eat awesome food all weekend. Learn more about Fyre Festival: http://www.mtv.com.au/bella-hadid/news/fyre-festival-is-the-reason-all-these-models-are-taunting-us-with-bikinis-in-the-bahamas

Besides the fun and joy of music, art, and excitement you get to take in the island for a whole weekend. This event isn't just about being a VIP but experiencing a part of culture unlike our own.

Two Levels of Access

Being a double VIP has its perks. The average ticket gets you around the island, events, flights to and from Miami but if you want a closer step towards the excitement, get a VIP ticket. This means backstage access and seeing the world through a musician's eyes. The fame, the glory, and the undying spirit.

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US Money Reserve Investors Often Compile Impressive Portfolios

The US Money Reserve boasts many of the finest investors in America, and they offer gold coins that provide fantastic value in the future. Investors are buying now with the understanding they will profit in the future, and each investor must ensure their gold coin collection is filled with items that will entice any collector or trader. This article explains how investors may shop with the US Money Reserve, create value in their collection and trade with those who invest in similar manner.


#1: The Appearance Of US Money Reserve Coins


Coins created by the US Money Reserve are gorgeous in comparison to other coins, and they provide something beautiful to look at once a collection has started. Collections that are held by traders may last for quite some time before they are traded, and each new collection will reveal a beautiful a set of coins that may be sold for cash.


#2: Selling Coins Quickly


The US Money Reserve creates coins that may be kept as a collection on the mantle, or they may be kept in a vault for protection. Protecting a set of coins before their sales is quite important, and each new coin may be sold quickly after its purchase. Someone who values the design or lusts after the coin will want it in their collection, and they will wish to sell as quickly as possible.


#3: Collecting For Future Sales


Future sales often occur long after the coins are purchased, and they build up quite a lot of value before the sale. Coins may be sold for a large profit at any time in the future, and they provide cash directly to the seller when required. Everyone who wishes to make money from their coins must plan for the future, and the future will bring high gold prices as the market rises every year. Gold is a valuable commodity that is known the world over for its precious image, and it is held by those who wish to retain value in all circumstances.


There are beautiful coins coming from the US Money Reserve Every year, and they may contribute to beautiful collections that create investment value for the future.

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Cone Management

Cone Marshall, a leading law firm based in New Zealand, has emerged as the most preferred provider of tax, estate and trust litigation support across the country and internationally. Cone Marshall has been in the industry for more than one decade and despite many challenges along the way, the firm has managed to win over the support of many clients from across the country and overseas.

The growth the firm has seen is a result of the changes in structures that they have embraced to make the management of different services easy. Cone Marshall has engaged in measures that have sought to improve the overall image of the firm and the way customers receive support for their problems.

These changes have been steered through upgrades in the infrastructure of the firm, which includes embracing new technology to make processes faster and more accurate. Cone Marshall has over the past one decade worked on improving the setup of the firm to have a seamless system that allows clients from across the world to interact in real time with lawyers and professionals at the main offices.

With a new system of handling files and cases, the resolution process has become faster and accuracy has been heightened. Currently, Cone Marshall is serving clients from many countries and the firm has remained the best in the local market for tax and estate law.

Most importantly, Cone Marshall has worked on improving the skills of its staff. The firm has educated them on new systems of managing files and this has made processes faster and many clients are happy with the way their applications are handled.

Focused leaders

To achieve this growth, Cone Marshall has benefited from positive leadership from several professionals. Karen Marshall, one of the professionals behind the success of the firm, is a leader whose vision and dedication has seen Cone Marshall implement the installation of new features.

She has served as a commercial litigation expert for at least 20 years and is consulted on many issues affecting the firm. Karen appreciates the support of veteran lawyer Geoffrey Cone, who has served in the profession for over three decades.

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Marc Sparks Entrepreneur Philanthropist and Self-Made Millionaire

Serial Entrepreneur does not even begin to describe Marc Sparks. The founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital is also an author, a mentor and a philanthropist. The Texas native started his first business soon after graduating from high school in 1975 and has started up dozens of businesses since then.

Some of Sparks’ startups were huge successes others not so much, but no matter what the outcome Sparks treats each success and failure as an opportunity to learn. In his book “They Can’t Eat You” Marc Sparks shares the story of how he transformed himself from an average kid with big dreams into a self-made millionaire.

In 2004 Marc founded Timber Creek Capital, LP to help the next generation of entrepreneurs realize their dreams. In 2014 he moved the company to a large state of the art facility that shares space with three of the most promising startup businesses that the company is funding. These fledging companies are lucky to receive more than just financing and a creative work environment. They also benefit from Marc’s open door policy and his willingness mentor and share his knowledge about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

He is a serial giver who takes great pride in sharing his time and his wealth with those in need. Sparks has been a supporter of the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter in Kinney, Texas since it was on the drawing table in the eighties.

The shelter not only provides a roof over its residents’ heads but also offers various services geared towards helping them regain their independence. Marc also donates time and money to Habitat For Humanity as well as local charities that focus on troubled and underprivileged kids like The Texas Can Academies and the Sparky’s Kids Foundation.

When he in not busy with his business and charitable endeavors he enjoys outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, biking and golf are some of his favorite past times. He also has traveled extensively to such exotic places the Easter Islands, Tibet, Machu Picchu and the Serengeti. Marc Sparks finds traveling to exotic places relaxing and a great source of inspiration.

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Despite Clinton loss, you can still bet on George Soros

George Soros is one of the greatest financial geniuses of modern times. He's amassed a fortune of nearly $25 billion starting from virtually nothing. For someone who became one of the richest men in the world, he toiled for a surprisingly long time without great success. For much of his early adulthood, he even had little interest in becoming wealthy. He sought only to make $500,000 so he could pursue a career in academia.

From bankrupt to the Bank of England

Unlike many who ultimately make it to billionaire status, George Soros had no family connections. His father was a modestly successful, middle-class lawyer but ultimately had no effect on the younger Soros' career.

After graduating from the London School of Economics, Soros found it difficult to land his first financial job. For a number of years he grinded out a living as a low-end salesman. At 24, and a few years out of college, he finally landed his first financial job. For the next sixteen years, he bounced from job to job, often taking far more interest in his study of philosophy than of the exigencies of work. By 1973, Soros had finally established his own true hedge fund. But with just $12 million in capital, it was a small-time affair.

He focused his investing strategies around a unique philosophy, elaborated by his mentor Karl Popper, upon which Soros had labored to expand. He called this philosophy reflexivity. In essence, reflexivity postulates that markets are made up of agents whose decisions are not always rational. In fact, those agents’ decisions are often affected by the decisions of other agents, like themselves, who are participants in the markets. This can lead to feedback loops such as bubbles and crashes where movements in prices become totally decoupled from the underlying economics of the assets being traded.

In short, reflexivity can be stated as "markets aren't always rational". This simple observation may seem almost unmentionably obvious and reflects the thoughts of many successful investors from Warren Buffet to James Simons. However at the time, it ran counter to the prevailing wisdom in academic departments around the globe that markets are always efficient.  This obviously flawed formulation leads to so many wrong conclusions that, once Soros devised a system to exploit them, he was able to post perhaps the best returns of any investor in history over a forty-plus year period.

Soros went on to make legendary trades including the one for which he is credited with "breaking the Bank of England". This single trade yielded him a one billion pound profit in a single day. It's difficult to calculate his actual returns because he's given away so much money. But he's widely acknowledged by his peers as among the greatest investors ever.

George Soros is believed to have invested in Hillary Clinton's campaign despite serious misgivings about her chances of success. It was a purely ideological play. So even considering his $25 million investment in the doomed Clinton campaign, you can bet on Soros to keep racking up big wins on whichever contests he focuses his immense talents.

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Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, 'take back power'

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Securus Technologies Is Making The Holidays Better

Christmas is usually a time for togetherness, family and holiday spirit. But, it is not always that way for the inmates in a correction facility. Many of them cannot see their families, and they feel depressed and alone on the special day. A company named Securus Technologies decided to create something that could allow the inmates to feel like they are part of the holiday. They made the Christmas video visits where the inmates were permitted to watch a video of their family during the holiday.


The Christmas video visits lift the spirits of the inmates. They can see and hear their families when they opening gifts and eating their meal. It is important to them that they are part of the holiday too. With the good feeling that they have, the correction facilities are peaceful and free from crime. Everyone can be safe during that special day of the year.


Securus Technologies is a company that is a leader in its industry. They never stop looking into new and innovative ways to make the world a better place for all people to live in. This company is very concerned about the public’s safety, and they go out of their way to perform duties that are thrust upon them. They are in demand all across the nation, and the government contracts them all the time to work with their correction facility to prevent and solve crimes in any magnitude. Since Securus Technologies can do what no other company can, they always perform at their best and get the job done. They deal with over a million inmates regularly, and they are inventing new ways to keep everyone safe on a weekly basis. Since they are experts at what they do, they are involved in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. In the future, people will surely hear more from Securus Technologies as they find more ways to keep the people safe. It is their mission to make it the safest as possible for all people.




Brian Torchin: From Chiropractor To CEO Of A Multinational Company

According to The Valanx, Brian Torchin has had a very long career in the healthcare sector, and he currently is the CEO of HCRC. He has been very successful in his position with HCRC. In addition to running HCRC, he also has published a number of works on subjects related to healthcare management. Prior to being a manager in the healthcare field, he was in practice as a healthcare professional himself. In fact, he still continues to operate his own practice, which has continued to do extremely well.

Brian Torchin began his career with an undergraduate degree in exercise science. Then, he attended the New York Chiropractic College, and then he went into practice for himself. While he has been very successful with clients that have had a wide range of concerns, he has long had exceptional skill and interest in working with those with sports related issues.

In addition to becoming well known as a chiropractor, Brian Torchin always has been very skilled with the business aspect of running a healthcare practice. This truly got him to where he is today.

He started selling his business skills to other practices. As he did, he became a manager for a lot of different business entities in healthcare. Doing this caused him to get a lot of visibility, and this visibility led to HCRC hiring him as their CEO.

While he has worked at HCRC, he has worked very hard to make sure the company is as successful as it can be. HCRC is now known as one of the best healthcare staffing agencies in the world, and it is one of the largest, as well. They operate throughout different regions of the world, and many companies have depended on them to bring in skilled workers.

In addition, many prospective employees have depended on the services of HCRC to get them a job. Both job seekers and hiring companies in healthcare have access to top notch customer service from HCRC, and Brian Torchin works hard to ensure this experience rings true for everyone.

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